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Scene 1 (0s)

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Scene 2 (57s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 3 (1m 5s)

Objectives. To explore communication, barriers and accessibility.

Scene 4 (1m 14s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 5 (1m 22s)

Communication. Use of metaphors Use of literal language Body language Verbal communication Non verbal communication Sign language Photos Pictures.

Scene 6 (1m 36s)

Tips around communication. Beware of hidden meanings in speech Use clues in the environment which will help understanding Use images which may support your communication Use words and sentences which are clear and short Consider any language barriers.

Scene 7 (1m 49s)

Don’t assume a person understands - because she/he is smiling and nodding that they understand, check by asking them to say what they have understood. Don’t use colloquialisms or turns of phrase, an example of this would be the use of ‘wicked’, meaning good . Don’t use idiomatic phrases like ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’..

Scene 8 (2m 16s)

Find the clearest way to explain something. Use images if they will work No abbreviations, Talk slowly, take it slowly, Use easy read guides Remember you may need to revisit some information.

Scene 9 (2m 37s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. Consider the following images and describe the photos in the simplest way. The aim of this is to keep the descriptions simple – some information is not required for a person to understand the general idea or sense of what you are trying to say..

Scene 10 (2m 49s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 11 (2m 56s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 12 (3m 3s)

xuotfi13N su10TN3Hom. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 13 (3m 11s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. . RESPOND) from hurting to healing.

Scene 14 (3m 26s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. Self Help guide SV Easy Read Cambs (theelmssarc.org) ​ ​ Mental Capacity Act 2005: An easy read guide (local.gov.uk) ​ ​ ISL036 14 Mental Health Act Review Consultation (publishing.service.gov.uk) ​ ​ The government's version of easy read ​ easy-read.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk) ​ ​ Microsoft Word - Reasonable Adjustments for PWLD easy read final.doc (southwest.nhs.uk) ​ ​.

Scene 15 (3m 48s)

Saira’s meditation.

Scene 16 (7m 51s)

Key practice questions:. Think of how you communicate with clients, is there anything you think you can improve on? What kind of information or resources might you need to collect?.

Scene 17 (8m 4s)

Any questions?. Please email Lynne@respond.org.uk Further information about Respond can be found here: Supporting the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism / Respond.

Scene 18 (8m 16s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. Empowerment, Healing and Transformation For Women Moving on from Violence www.wgn.org.uk info@wgn.org.uk 0207 610 4678 West London Rape Crisis Centre 0208 567 7347 Sexual Violence Helpline 0808 801 0770.

Scene 19 (8m 32s)

WOMEN&GIRLS NETWORK. This training program is supported and funded by MOPAC.