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Scene 1 (0s)

GROUP 3 Abaquita , Donna May Gayo , Kristine Gonzales, Brianna Lee Inson , Ralph Alfred Palmares , Jayde Maryll Tilanduca , Margrethe Joyce Valle, Christy

Scene 2 (11s)

Scenario 1: Pt with rheumatoid arthritis came to the emergency room department due to a painful swelling on his right knee. Upon palpation he reported tenderness with a localized blunt pain with a pain score of 7/10. The nurse used hot & cold application and a frequent positioning of the affected part as an independent nursing intervention.

Scene 3 (28s)

Question: In pt. with acute rheumatiod arhtritis , does cold and heat application reduce the pain felt compared with frequent positioning of the affected part?

P- pt. With acute rheumatoid arthritis I- frequent positioning of the affected part C- Hot and Cold application 0- Reduce pain

Scene 4 (44s)

Scenario 2 : You have a male patient who has recently been diagnosed with Hypertension. His doctor suggested she start on Amlife 50mg/5mg daily for controling blood pressure, but he is interested in alternative therapies because he heard about his neighbor that he was treated with garlic.

Scene 5 (1m 0s)

Question : Is consuming garlic more effective compared to A mlife 50mg/5mg at controlling blood pressure to patients with hypertension?

P- Pt with hypertension I- Use of garlic C- Amlife 50mg/5mg 0- Controls blood pressure

Scene 6 (1m 13s)

Scenario 3: P t . is undertaking therapy for dealing with depression, upon visit, his physician advise pt. to take antidepressant drugs with bupropion 100 mg 3 times/day, fluoxetine 10 mg, sertraline 50 mg, escitalopram 5 mg, during visit pt. suggest for alternatives activities which commonly advice on social medias and other testimonials that is more effective.

Scene 7 (1m 32s)

Question : Do recreational activities lessen the sensation of vulnerability in patients with depression when compared to medication and therapy?

P- PT. with depression I- Medication and therapy C- Recreational activities O- lessen the sensation of vulnerability