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Why Invest in Real Estate 1. Real Estate value appreciates over time 2. Real Estate allows you to leverage 3. Real estate can be a source of passive income factors to consider when investing real estate : 1. Location a. Accessibility and proximity b. Neighborhood and Community c. Flood prone/ near fault line d. lot or unit number feng sui e. Directon of economic 2. Financial Aspect a. Property cost b. Payment terms c. Other cost d. Personal Budget

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3. Purpose/ Horizon a. Self use, leasing, buy and sel b. Horizon – short or long term 4. Other Market Factors a. Interest Rate b. Domestic and Global Update c. The developer where can I trust? Running a real estate business ivolves buying and selling or leasing properties to build wealth and diversify an investment portfolio. Property investors in the Philippines can earn money from any of these three types of real estate; . Residential properties – house and lots, townhouses, condominiums and other structures where people live or stay. . Commercial properties – office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, hotels and other structures that are leased out to companies or small businesses.