Rapport Building

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Scene 1 (0s)

Rapport Building.

Scene 2 (9s)

Organization. Introduction Energy Building Energy and Student Rapport Video (Match/pace) Avoiding Negativity/art of positivity Self Confidence Learning Styles (VAK) First video Activity (Jackie and Nicole) Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Second Video (VAK).

Scene 3 (25s)

Introduction (John).

Scene 4 (34s)

Energy and Student Rapport (John). Rapport building – Connection and trust Barriers to Rapport Building? Your energy and student rapport.

Scene 5 (47s)

Energy building and Emotion (John). Sources of energy: Restful sleep Eating balanced meals Physical Activity Any other sources? Specific activities, people in your life, etc. Emotional Intelligence: Perceiving and understanding your emotions Your emotional state and student perception Can emotional state be a barrier to rapport-building?.

Scene 6 (1m 6s)

Tools for Emotional Rapport Building (John). AVOIDING NEGATIVITY.

Scene 7 (1m 32s)

Learning Styles. Visual- Need to see it to know it. Auditory- Need to hear it to know it. Kinesthetic- Need to feel it to know it..

Scene 8 (1m 49s)

VAK explained through the movies.

Scene 9 (5m 5s)

How would you change this sentence for different learning styles (VAK)?.

Scene 10 (5m 21s)

VAK language Examples. Visual. Auditory. Kinesthetic.

Scene 11 (5m 36s)

Visual Learning. The Holistic Approach to Different Types of Learning Magnetic Speaking.

Scene 12 (5m 54s)

[Audio] Learn best by speaking and listening. Tend to speak slowly, explain well, and natural listeners. Tend to repeat things aloud, and read slowly. Think linearly..

Scene 13 (6m 12s)

Kinesthetic Learning. VARK Kinesthetic Learning Styles Wiki.

Scene 14 (6m 28s)

Scott - Visual Julie - Kinesthetic Amy - Auditory.

Scene 16 (7m 48s)

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