Emotional intelligence

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Emotional intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence is also known as Emotional Quotient

The ability to identify your own emotions and the emotions of others,and use this information to guide behaviour.

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Emotional Intelligence :

Helps to communicate effectively. Increases leadership ability . Improves decision making. Helps to relieve stress. Helps in controlling our emotions. Increases team performance.

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5 components of Emotional Intelligence:

Self-Awareness This is the ability to recognize and understand ones moods, motivations, and abilities and also understanding the effects they have on others.   Self-Regulation This is the ability to control ones impulses, the ability to think before you speak or react, and the ability to express yourself.

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Motivation This is having an interest in learning and self-improvement. It is having the strength to keep going when there are obstacles in life. It is setting goals and following through with them.  Social Skills This is the ability to pick up on jokes, sarcasm, customer service, maintaining friendships and relationships, and finding common ground with others.  Empathy This is the ability to understand other peoples emotions and reactions. Empathy can only be achieved if self-awareness is achieved.

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Having a high level of emotional intelligence allows you to empathize with others, communicate effectively, and be both self and socially aware. How we respond to ourselves and others impacts our home and work environments. Living in this world means interacting with many different types of people, as well as constant change and surprises. Being emotionally intelligent is key to how you respond to what life gives us. It’s also a key component of compassion and understanding the deeper reasons behind other people's actions