Handling & Restraining Rabbit

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Handling & Restraining Rabbit

Restraining a rabbit can be a challenge, but there are some ways to make it easier. You can make restraining a rabbit easier by knowing how to approach your rabbit, pick him up, and keep him calm. You can also make restraining a rabbit easier by using a surface, a towel, or a special restraint device.

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1. Approach the rabbit in a slow, calm manner.  Rabbits scare easily, so it is important to go slow when you pick up your rabbit. Try not to make any sudden movements or do anything else that might scare the rabbit. Example: D o not yell, jump up and down, or thrust your hand into the rabbit’s cage. Instead, try to speak in a low voice, approach the cage at a slow and steady pace, and then slowly reach into the rabbit’s cage.

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2. Grasp the rabbit’s scruff.  When you reach into the rabbit’s cage, the best place to grasp the rabbit is by the scruff of its neck. Grabbing the rabbit’s scruff will restrain the rabbit, prevent it from biting or scratching you, and allow you to gently pull the rabbit out of the cage . Example: Do not hold the rabbit by the scruff of his neck alone. Make sure that you are ready to support the rabbit’s bottom with your other hand right away.

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3. Support the rabbit’s bottom with your other hand.  Rabbits will kick fast and hard if their back legs are not well-supported. Make sure that you place a hand under your rabbit’s bottom at the same moment that you lift him out of his cage. You should have one hand on the rabbit’s scruff and the other hand should be supporting the rabbit’s bottom.

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4. Cover the rabbit’s eyes. Since rabbits are prey animals, being lifted off of the ground can be a frightening experience. Rabbits associate being lifted off of the ground with being in danger. One way to calm down a rabbit when you pick it up is to place a small towel over his eyes. This will prevent the rabbit from seeing that he is not on the ground.

How to Restrain a Rabbit

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1.Hold the rabbit like a football . You can restrain a rabbit just by holding it in your arms. The best way to hold a rabbit is similar to how you would hold a football. The rabbit’s body should be cradled by one of your arms and you should have your other hand on top of the rabbit. The rabbit should be tucked slightly under your elbow so that you cannot see his face. Never hold a rabbit by its ears, scruff, or around its chest. These holding methods can hurt a rabbit and cause unnecessary stress. Rabbits also have powerful legs and they can kick hard enough to injure themselves when their legs are not supported.

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2.Place the rabbit on a table or other surface. Rabbits feel more secure when they are on a flat, solid surface, so try placing your rabbit on a table or on the floor. Keep one hand on the rabbit’s neck scruff and the other hand on the rabbit’s backside to keep him in place. If the rabbit struggles, try applying some more pressure to help him feel secure.

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3. Use a towel to keep the rabbit still . You can also wrap a rabbit up in a towel to prevent him from struggling or hopping around. Start with the rabbit on a surface and then place a towel over the rabbit’s back so that the towel comes up to his neck. -Next, wrap the rabbit in the towel by tucking one edge under the rabbit and then turning the rabbit onto his side to wrap the towel around him. Keep wrapping the towel around the rabbit until he is bundled up to the neck and cannot escape. -Try a zippered canvas bag or restraint box. You can also use a zippered canvas cat bag or restraint box to restrain a rabbit. To use one of these devices, you will just need to put the rabbit into the bag or box and either zip it up or close the lid.

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4. Tighten your grip if the rabbit struggles . A rabbit will not struggle if it is being held in a tight, secure way. If your rabbit is struggling, then you may want to tighten your grip or place the rabbit on a surface until you can get a better grip. - Try pulling the rabbit in closer to your body. Rabbits are comforted by being pressed on from all sides, so you may even try holding the rabbit in between your thighs while you sit in a chair or on the ground

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