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sxsTANctt Education empowers a Nation


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WHAT IS PUED? The Pre University Education Program is created to assist students with their smooth transition into the University of Belize when their prerequisites have not been met upon application for their individual programs. The PUED program also falls under the care of the ODL Unit, so when you here these two acronyms, do not be confused. It is all under the same umbrella!

There are presently 6 Courses offered through the PUED program 1. Pre College English I and II 2. Developmental Math 3. Study Skills 4. Basic Computer Skills 5. Developmental Biology 6. Developmental Chemistry English and Math Placement Exams are also offered through ODL.

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THE DIRECTOR Dr Freida C. Palma Dr Palma is the Captain that steers the Open and Distance Learning ship, and she keeps it afloat and on track. She is the mastermind behind the ONLINE learning and of course the PUED program. If you ever have an unsolvable crisis when it comes to Moodle, she is one person that you would want in your corner, for she truly is a guru. She is always ready and willing to assist. ( fpalma@ub.edu.bz)


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The Instructional Designer and Lecturer Dr Beverly Faber Dr Faber is the instructional designer of the team. She is the force behind all our ODL trainings and of course our Course Pages on Moodle. She knows the ins and outs as well. She is also a lecturer for the PUED program. She is tough, but oh so caring, so be sure to be on your A game when it comes to your PUED computer course!


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Program Coordinator and Lecturer Thyra L Arana Mrs Arana is the first line of communications with ODL or about the PUED pogram. She is also all PUED students ADVISOR. You can reach out whenever you have a question, issue or crisis. There is no question too silly or too tough that you can ask. She is here to be your help and your guide. (tarana@ub.edu.bz)


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SERVICES OFFERED We offered 6 fundamentals that are prerequisites for most of the Programs offered at the University. PUED COURSES ODL offers both the Math and English Placement exams that determine your Math and English proficiency/level. PLACEMENT EXAMS ODL is the gatekeeper for the MOODLE LMS platform that hosts our online courses. We do offer training to everyone who needs guidance from beginner level to advance level. There are always many opportunities offered throughout the year on self improvement, so keep a keen eye out for those opportunities/ trainings. MOODLE PROFIENCY TRAININGS/ ELEARNING ORIENTATION /PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES


Whenever you have a question or concern about anything UB related, just click on the little chat bubble in the lower right corner of your moodle page and chat with us. We are just a click away!

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Now, let's look at the role that you play in all this!


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Your Role What we expect from you We expect great things from you! We expect that you will:

Sign up for the right courses after seeking consultation from us. Complete your Elearning Orientation Attend your VIRTUAL sessions and complete your assignments on time. Put your best effort into your courses, and earn that passing score!

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The Process towards Admission

Each PUED student is given a list of required Prerequisites to complete before you can send in a reapplication form. Some will have more than others depending on their program of choice. Be sure to send an email to YOUR ADVISOR for better clarification on this. REGISTER FOR THE PREREQUISITES LAID OUT BY ADMISSIONS FOR YOU.

Students should take out Placement exams in order to determine what level of English and Math you must take as prerequisites. Oftentimes you do not need to begin at the lowest level. First, Be sure to take the Placement exams to determine what level of Math and English you will need to take as prerequistes

All PUED students after completing their prerequisite courses MUST send in a reapplication form in order to get into their desired program of study. Ask YOUR ADVISOR for more details on this. SEND in your Reapplication Form(at least 1 Month before the semester ends)

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Your First Day What to expect on your first day

it is essential to activate your school email and check it daily. gmail.com username: UB ID #@ub.edu.bz password: UB ID # LOGGING INTO YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL

Log into your Moodle account daily and check for notifications. www.odlub .com username: UB ID # password: UB ID # LOG INTO MOODLE FOR YOUR COURSE

On your Moodle dashboard after you login, you should see your courses that you registered for. Click on any one and start perusing! Be sure to read through your couse description and download your course outline! DOWNLOAD YOUR COURSE OUTLINES FROM YOUR COURSES.

You want to make sure you are ahead of the game. Go ahead and look at week one. Download your weekly materials and prep yourself for your first live session with the Lecturer. You want to be ready! BROWSER THROUGH YOUR COURSE INTRODUCTION AND WEEK ONE.

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Be sure to download your free copy of the student handbook below. This handbook covers a plethora of issues from PLAGIARISM to ABSENCES etc. Do not get caught being UNAWARE because it will be no excuse!

Rules and Guidelines better known as the University Student Handbook


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We're so excited to have you! Do remember..if and when the need arises, we are here to serve. You can contact us via our emails, whatsapp 622-9125 or our moodle help desk! Do not feel like you are alone. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


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Questions? Reactions? Feel free to get in touch with us.