Project idea (character Recognition from image)

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P roject idea (character Recognition from image )

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Mr. Anurag sir

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P roject idea (character Recognition from image )

Project Description :- The aim of this project is to develop such a tool which takes an Image as input and extract characters (alphabets, digits, symbols) from it. This project is based on Machine learning, We can provide a lot of data set as an Input to the software tool which will be recognized by the machine and similar pattern will be taken out from them. A lot of research is going on this product and which is still going on. The Implementation of such a tool depends on two factors – Feature extraction and classification algorithm. So you can use various classifiers available online and also read about basic feature extraction algorithm.

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I mplementation “Algorithm”

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Image pre processing steps are applied. Bounding boxes is applied to text extracted. Filters are used to remove noise. Unwanted objects are removed. ADVANTAGE:- OCR method detects text more accurately. U sed many image pre –processing steps to remove noise and unwanted objects. DISADVANATGE:- Problem while detecting characters with similer feature. APPLICATION:- This application helps to detect any text from pattern image .