MPPU 1003 INNOVATION IN LEARNING AND TEACHING Assignment 1: Problem Identification

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Scene 1 (0s)

MPPU 1003 INNOVATION IN LEARNING AND TEACHING Assignment 1: Problem Identification


Scene 2 (9s)

Problem found in teaching and learning

Primary students encounter fraction as the most complicated topic to learn and they feel difficult to comprehend it (Ray & Felix, 2019). Students often process numerator and denominator as two separate whole number (florence, 2013), therefore, they apply procedures that can only be used with the whole number.

Scene 3 (41s)

Why it is important to solve this problem?

Fraction plays key role in mathematics, it involves in probabilities, proportional and algebraic reasoning.

Scene 4 (1m 9s)

Data collection

Through interviewing the primary students about which topic is the most difficult topic for them to totally understand. Through observing the students while solving question regarding the fraction.

Scene 5 (1m 34s)

How do they solve the problem?

Fraction kits, such as using base 10 blocks, fraction strips or fraction towers. Using grid-based system Virtual manipulatives (through computer, website)

Fractions on a grid based system



Scene 6 (2m 7s)

Effectiveness of the methods created

Fraction strips/ Fraction towers Enable students to visualize the parts of fraction and explore fraction relationship. Allow students to develop a concrete understanding of fractions and mixed numbers, investigate equivalency, compare and order fractions and explore number operations with fractions

Scene 7 (2m 34s)

Effectiveness of the methods created

Virtual manipulatives Web-based images on computer monitor that allow students to manipulate a visual model (Bouck & Flanagan, 2010). Students will have better understanding the meaning and relationship of fractions through the diagram (e.g. part-whole is represented with a divided circle) (Mikyung, 2016).

Scene 8 (3m 0s)

Suggested project or innovation

A puzzle fraction game APP can be created to allow students understand fraction through game. In the APP game, fraction will be presented using different type of shape, learners need to find and match the shape by finding the fraction that can form a whole, or equivalent fraction or find the correct puzzle block using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of all the fractions.

Scene 9 (3m 46s)

Block Puzzle for Android - APK Download

Sample of game

Player chooses the correct and drag to the block.

Scene 10 (4m 17s)

Player needs to choose the correct equivalent fraction.

Sample of game

Scene 11 (4m 42s)

Aim of suggested project

To cultivate students’ interest on fraction and make students feel that fraction is actually not difficult. Students can be motivated when they won in the game. Students have more chances to understand about fraction through playing the puzzle game as they need to choose the puzzle block using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Scene 12 (5m 20s)

Constraints of the suggested project

This app game cannot be used in the school as it needs smartphone or iPad. Not all the schools provided iPad or computer, therefore, difficult to implement in the classroom.