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Scene 1 (0s)


LESSONTHEME Environment’s problems CLASS


Time 90 mins

45minuts Lesson time

Teacher Name Aynur Akhundova

Topic Title The forest and Woodcutter (Environment’s problems )

STUDENT WINS In this field, the specified course gains for the relevant course should be written. These gains include those published by the Ministry of National Education.

In this project our students will aims

1 They will can understand the meaing of the story

2 Can speak in English

3 Can translate the story’s meaning into their own language

4Can slove the given task

5 Can slove the given problem without anyone’s help

6 Can use social web pages

7 Can use web 2.0 tools

8 Can describe photo and objects and etc.

RELATED TO STEM APPROACH IN-COURSE AND OTHER COURSES The gains in this field should be written in designated subheadings. Technology, engineering and 21st century gains/skills must be selected according to the event.



Mathematics Technology Engineering ART 21ST CENTURY


They understood our environmental problems and can solve problems

They sum how many times needs growing the tress or plants

Make motor and same other things

They can make projects with R3 materials .

They can drow their ideas and shear it with his/her friends

1.They can use web 2.0 tools and make posters 2Can translate the story 3Can make project






Scene 2 (42s)

Our Global problems and solve the problems

Discuss Search Shear Help

Waste products Web 2.0 tools

1. ATTENTION-TAKING/ RELATED AWAKENING (ENGAGE) In accordance with the subject we will be working on in this field, we will make sure that our student's interest in the subject is awakened by an item such as fairy tales, songs, jokes, photos, etc. Based on the item we will use, we will question our students' preliminary information and make them think.

Kid’s Story

The Forest and the Woodcutter ( Environment’s problems )

Let’s listen the story about The story and the Woodcutter

Here you can read a part of the story

The Forest And The Woodcutter

There once was a mighty woodcutter with a huge axe.He cut down whole forests from one end of the land to the other.The trees grew afraid when his footsteps were heard.No trunk,no matter how big,could withstand the swing of the woodcutter.But one day,just as he was about to cut down the Queen of Trees,The woodcutter's axe handle broke.He tried to find an axe-maker who would fix it.But the axe was too big.No one could mend it.

The woodcutter could not chop trees.And the trees were happy.They grew taller and unafraid...while the

woodcutter grew poorer and poorer,Unable to make his living cutting wood.One day,desperate,the woodcutter went to the Queen of Trees,and begged her for one branch to mend He promised the great tree that if she let him have a branch,He would never cut down any trees in her forest.But go elsewhere to work and chop,Leaving her trees to grow in peace and sunlight.He swore it on his axe head and on his life.The Queen of Trees,innocent and naive,agreed.So the Queen of Trees gave one of her own branches to the woodcutter.And he used it to make a handle for his huge axe.And when he was done.When he had mended his axe,he began to chop down the Queen of Trees! She cried out in pain and loss:"But you made me a promise! You said you would not!" But the woodcutter only laughed:"l am a woodcutter and you are a tree.And so he cut down the Queen of Trees,and the whole forest.And no tree lived happily ever after.

Scene 3 (1m 48s)

Dear listened/read/saw; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 2.EXPLORE During thisphase, activities and experiments related to the main discipline are carried out for the students. Design processes are not entered. The main disciplinary gains are mostly achieved in this area. 1Dear students what did you see in this video? 2What about the main purpose this story? 3 How do you think is it correct to cut the trees? 4How we can help our environment?

3. EXPLAIN At this stage, the main disciplinary gains are taught by the teacher in accordance with the curriculum. Studentsare expected to express their gains. They are allowed to do research under teacher supervision. During his research, he may ask his teacher to use the technology with support. . Let's watch a video about environmental problems .How we can protect our world and which problems have the earth .How this problems influence to people .Which problems can be slove ?What can we do ? How do you think how we can leave without wood and what we must do to save our world clean and how we can help our forest.

4.ELABORATE This is the stage where the main discipline and other disciplines are fully combined. At this stage, engineering design processes are followed. Students are asked to work with a focus on design and obtain a product.

Scene 4 (2m 41s)

4.1.SKETCHY DESIGN OR THREE-DIMENSIONAL SIMULATED STATE In this area, we will ask our student to draw the design he thinks or simulate it with natural elements such as dough, clay ormud.

4.2.DESIGN TIME At this stage, we will ask our students to design and control the solution from waste materials in general. My dear students let’s design our water circle .

4.3 SHARE At this stage, we will ask our student to share and present his/her product.

the Envjyonnynt

Environmental Fri

tal Issues


Scene 5 (3m 8s)

I used a drip irrigation system to irrigate the trees. We also used wind energy and rainwater to start the irrigation system.

5. EVALUATE At this stage, the engineering design process and skills are evaluated with appropriate techniques.

I will use other methods to help our world .

5.1. EVALUATE YOUR PRODUCT AND THINK BETTER (Self-Assessment) At this stage, we will ask our student to evaluate his/her product and think about it better by seeing what is missing.




Good Very good

Identify and analyze a problem

Find and choose the best solutions

Scene 6 (3m 35s)

Sketch or simulated form of design product

Presenting the product

Evaluating the product and thinking better