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[Audio] Avoid dressing informally for a job interview. More than likely, jeans and t-shirts are not the right outfit for a job interview. Instead, consider a suit or dress pants with a crisp button-down shirt or sweater. When in doubt, you can always ask the hiring manager what the dress code is for the workplace and use that to guide your interview outfit choice..

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[Audio] Showing up to your job interview with messy hair or a bit of your lunch on your shirt won't send a good first impression. Instead, take the time to style your hair and ensure your clothes and accessories are clean and your overall appearance is neat. 3. Getting to the interview late.

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[Audio] Arriving late to your job interview shows that you don't manage your time well and don't have a great sense of priorities. Instead, ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to get to your interview in case there's traffic or some other delay. %[ break]%.