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WHY THE “RE-BUILD EUROPE” PLATTFORM?. S ince the Paris Agreement we speak daily about a greener Europe and yet the youth is not the main actor of the green transition…. It’s time to change paradigm! It is time that through our ideas we become the change! Let’s make Europe greener, let’s get things done and re-shape a greener Europe … Let us, the youth lead this change!.

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WHAT IS RE-BUILD EUROPE?. We live in a digital world and the pandemics helped us embrace more the digital world. Re-Build Europe is a digital platform that aims to reshape every corner of Europe going even to the smallest village making it greener and sustainable and futuristic…. It is designed as a European Campaign which works closely with the European Institutions and local authorities and at the same time, it gives the young professionals the opportunity to propose, design and shape the future of the villages, cities, regions and countries of our beautiful continent…..

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HOW IS IT GOING TO WORK?. In close cooperation with the governmental bodies in national and European level, a digital map of the country will be provided to the young professionals, where they can see virtually the current urban projects, the ongoing ones and the spaces for change . This will not only provide them with the right information about what is going on in local and national level, but also in European level. An opportunity to expand their horizon, address better the needs of the cities and countries and at the same time, the opportunity to develop and show professional skills, making the young professionals THE ARCHITECTS OF CHANGE ….

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HOW TO BECOME THE ARCHITECT OF THIS CHANGE?. In order to Re-Build Europe and be part of the green and sustainable vision, the young professionals have to register in the platform, upload their CV-s, the city, region, country where they think they can give a contribution, add their ideas and be pro-active. After this phase, the young professionals will work in groups of 5 (i.e.: an architect; a lawyer, an urban planner; an economist; a designer). They will have the opportunity to expand their professional circle, get to know other people that are interested to give a contribution and at the same time work with the local and national authorities in order to make these ideas as realistic as possible. In the final phase, what was put from the young professionals in the virtual map, will be voted by the citizens and the city councils in order to see this projects take life..

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Now, let’s dive in the visual and create an idea on how this digital green transition platform is going to function & H ow the young professionals will be th e architects of the Green Europe….

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home account ANY THOUGHTS? Type here... SEND ABOUT US.

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