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A presentation on my progress and experiences since starting university.

Scene 2 (8s)

What have I achieved since starting university?

Worked on 2 short films as an A.D and Script Supervisor. In the progress of writing a feature length script. Working on small projects outside of university.

Scene 3 (23s)

What skills have I learnt since starting university?

Overcome personal struggles with shyness. Become more confident in my creative abilities. Gained a greater understanding of the technical side of filmmaking.

Scene 4 (36s)

Work as a director and eventually direct my own feature length film. Work on music videos.

My future career goals:

My original career goals:

I originally wanted to work in Post-Production and was on a different course that specialized in that.

Scene 5 (53s)

What are my plans when I leave University?

Get a job as a runner or production assistant and work my way up. Work on projects that I can eventually get out to film festivals. Network and make contacts Work freelance with smaller artists. Gain a wider knowledge of the film industry.

Scene 6 (1m 12s)


How Covid has affected my university experience and my hopes for next year.