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HELLO!. I am Jayden Smith I am here because I love to give presentations. You can find me at @username.

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INTRODUCTION. Let’s start with the first set of slides.

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Three Technologies, three trends. IoT Internet of things, giving the “things” human level intelligence . Cloud Computing Which manage to provide scalability, security and handling tool for this data. Big Data U se of this data for getting insights of the business processes and making inferences plus predictions by applying the data mining and machine learning algorithms.

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All these technologies have their own bottlenecks that are common among each of them in context to ethical and morality. present such as privacy, integrity of the individual, bullying of the people using their personal information, or corruption in businesses, and much more..

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LITERATURE REVIEW. Bring the attention of your audience over a key concept using illustrations.

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Ethics and Morality in Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

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Privacy isn’t dead: The privacy is more the ownership and data retention. Share private information if they are confidential: We have the option to share it privately or publicly to the services, we can trust..

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Ethics and Morality in Cloud Computing. Disruptive technology Using the decade-ago technology in a new way. The cloud service providers have the morality measure same as for IT operators- that is to be responsive..

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Ethics and Morality in IoT. Intellectual Property Inappropriate encroachment of privacy.

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Discussion. What happened in UAE?.

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Ethics Challenges of Big Data and Big Data Analytics in UAE.

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reduce the surveillance factors to be more open to their consumers.

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Ethics Challenges of Cloud Computing in UAE. Cybersecurity threats violated the ethics of cloud computing.

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Ethics Challenges of IoT in UAE. Application protocol for authentication is lightweight.

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Conclusion. From all dimensions, the privacy aspect is affected by all of them either the privacy is being violated for stealing the ownership of the people or hacking is done for financial gain. The major challenge faced by UAE business is also the information of the companies, data backups in clouds, securing the IoT gateways for access management..

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THANKS!. Any questions? You can find me at @username

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