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. . Presentation Topic: Conversion therapy Questions to be answered -what is it -who is affected -where it is done -examples -solutions Hi everybody! I have decided to do my presentation on conversion therapy, I hope that after this short presentation everyone has a better, more meaningful understanding of this topic. Conversion therapy is a set of dangerous practices that are designed to change an induvial sexual orientation of gender identity. There are different methods including behaviour therapy, conversion therapy or physical interventions all with the same end goal. Homosexuality, to some is seen as sexual deviation or mental disorder. There are a lot of factors that play a role in why conversion therapy is still occurring today, I will touch on many in my presentation including religion and discredited practices influenced by continuing discrimination. The consequences of conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth include mental and physical damage for years to come. Although it should be banned everywhere, it is still being fought for by many strong-minded leaders. Lots of organisations have been putting in the work to save minors from all forms of conversion therapy. According to NHS England conversion therapy is also sometimes called reparative therapy or gay cure therapy. In my opinion the fact that trying to turn someone who is homosexual to heterosexual and then call it a repair is so disrespectful. Sam Brinton described his time in conversion therapy in the living through gay conversion video in class, he mentioned the physical and mental abuse he endured including being abused by his father, being put into conversion therapy by his parents and Sam was told things in therapy like he was the only gay person left in this world, that he was an abomination to god. And not only this mental turtore but ohysical to, although it was hard to listen to sam got tied to a table with ice on each hand and fored to look at pictures of naked men, he was meant to associate pain with the touch of a man. His story of abuse goes on and on but his story is a perfect example of how tourtorus and manipulative conversion therpay is and why it is so important it is soon over. Sam was one of the many minors who are at risk for conversion therapy. According to Jones from the heritage foundation, there is a ban in many states for any induvial under the age of 18 to undergo any treatment that intends to change sexual orientation. However the ban leaves a gray area for religion. The majority of conversion therpay happens within religious context and is ultimately why it can still happen today. The practice is often done by religious leaders, they hold such deep beliefs on homosexuality, and that it is sinful and immoral. As mcgeorge from.

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. . JMFT says, These leaders refuse to believe and remain unconvinced of all of the reseach done that proves conversion therpay is inevvective and damaging. There are a few religious leaders who now regret their decision on conducting discredited therapy, and who have came out as an ally as well. They have realzed the damage they’ve created for LGBTQ youth. Canada, on march 9 2020 according to the government of Canadas website has reinduced the legislation of the bill that proposed to criminalize aspects of conversion therapy. There are many states in the US who have not yet done the same, but Sam brinton is fighting hard with the Trevor project as he is now the head of advocacy and government affairs, The trevor project is the worlds largest sucicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth and leading the campaongs to pass legislation on banning coversion therapy. Sam is truly so brave. Research on the issue of family acceptance of LGBTQ youth conducted at San Francisco State University found that highly rejected LGBTQ young people were 8 times more likely to have attempted suicide, 6 times more likely yo report high level of depression, more than 3 times more likely to use illegl drugs and more than 3 times as likelt to be at high risk for HIV and STDs. These stats unfortunelly don’t come as a surprise because I knew and hopefully you guys now know as well that conversion therpay is a pathway to depression, deug abuse, sucide and homelessness. Learning more about this in class was truly eye opening and I hope to see a ban everywhere in the world so young LGBTQ YOUTH ARE PROTECTED. survivors-another-ex-therapist-n1049781

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. . Although clinical research has consistently found that therapeutic attempts to alter the sexual orientation of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals are both ineffective and harmful (Bradshaw et al., 2015; Dehlin et al., 2015; Haldeman, 2002; Shidlo & Schroeder, 2002), these practices continue.