Harvi Sachar - CEO at SiliconIndia | Biography

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Harvi Sachar - CEO at SiliconIndia | Biography. Siliconindia.

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About Harvi Sachar. Harvi Sachar Is the founder and CEO of SiliconIndia. SiliconIndia is a US-INDIA Magazine that provides the most relevant content by projecting stories of entrepreneurs, Businesses Updates, and technology trends..

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Early Life and Education. Harvi Sachar is a business professional who had completed B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering at I.I.T Kanpur in 1980. Then he finished his M.S in Materials Science at Case Western Reserve University in 1982 and finally he finished his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington in 1986..

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Career. Harvi Sachar has additionally worked in numerous companies like Merrill Lynch, J.P.Morgan and Goldman Sachs as IT Consultant, MTS at Bell Labs, CEO at ITsquare.com, Vice President at Deutch Bank and as Project Manager at Salomon Bros. Presently Harvi Sachar is the Founder & Executive Chairman at SiliconIndia..

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Publications. In the year 2005, SiliconIndia India Edition began distributed from Bangalore subsequent to Solidifying the entire diaspora from the snapshot of its origin in the US in 1997 and since the time then SiliconIndia Edition have gave a suggestion like no other, being an impetus in familiarizing the arising heads of our experience with the worldwide elements of business.

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