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Top 5 Places in Bihar

1. Patna 2. Bodhgaya 3. Nalanda 4. Rajgir 5. Vaishali

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Patna Originally known as Patliputra and renamed as Patna. Patna is the capital city of Bihar state . Patna is one of the oldest cities in the country. Dating back to the 5th century BCE, the ancient Pataliputra was founded by the king of Magadha, Ajathashatru. The beauty of the city of Patna is defined by its wide roads, new buildings, and tenebrous squares. The rich historical and colorful cultural heritage of the city adds to its never-ending charm.

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Bodhgaya Bodhgaya is a holy place that is associated with Gautam Buddha. Here at Mahabodhi Temple, he attained enlightenment and gave the world a great religion named Buddhism. This tourist spot sits nearby the capital city, Patna with just a quick to cover distance of around 125 km.

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Nalanda Travelers can take a day to visit and enjoy the offering of this place. Nalanda University is known to be the utmost centers of Buddhist learning in ancient times. It is populously visited by the scholars who come here and are pretty regular with their visits.

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Rajgir Here at this place, Lord Buddha spent many years of his life and delivered sermons. Also, it is recognized as the venue for the first Buddhist Council. Sitting at a favourable distance of 102 km from Patna, Rajgir is an eminent pilgrimage destination of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism alike. Before Pataliputra (Patna), Rajgir or say

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Vaishali Vaishali is one of the most popular tourist places in Bihar, being an important pilgrimage site for Jains and Buddhists from all over the world. It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, which makes it a significant site for Jains. Buddhists also consider this place holy since Vaishali is the place where Gautama Buddha is believed to have delivered his final sermon.

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