Aim: Spreading awareness about the importance of covid-19 vaccination.

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Aim: Spreading awareness about the importance of covid-19 vaccination ..

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Current situation. More than 1.31 million cases of covid-19 have been reported in Pakistan with more than 28000 deaths caused by the deadly virus. This is just an estimate of the present cases and the number is projected to increase in the upcoming time. Every day people loose their lives just because they did not care about this disease at all. This virus does not care about any of status or wealth you possess. This possesses a serious danger for every individual of society..

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Solution. There is no specific cure for this disease up until this day. However, you can save your life and the lives of your loved ones just by taking some simple and easy steps: ‘WEAR A MASK’ ‘KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING’ ‘GET YOURSELF COVID-19 VACCINATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE’.

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False rumors about covid-19 vaccination. These are some of the ‘FALSE’ rumors about covid-19 vaccine: The vaccines aren't safe because they were developed quickly. The vaccines can lead to long-term effects. You can get COVID-19 from the vaccines. I’ve already had COVID-19, so I don’t need to get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines will alter your DNA. If you get vaccinated, it could make you infertile. I don’t need to get vaccinated because I’m young and healthy..

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Remember these are all just ‘FALSE’ rumors about covid-19 vaccine. The purpose of telling you these is to educate you so that you may not get in to believe in them. Covid-19 vaccine is introduced for your safety and protection against the virus. So, as a responsible citizen it is necessary for us all to get the vaccine as soon as possible..