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Heading : SORCE OF ENERGY Class Teacher : Anusha Teacher Linguistic Proffesioning : 5/5.

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Good sources of energy : Good source of energyFirst thing to study in this chapter, is how to identify a good source of energy. These are the characteristics of a good source of energy . Characteristics of a Good Fuel: •provide a large amount of continuous supply of energy per unit mass or volume. •cheap and easily available. •safe to store and easy to transport. •should not pollute the environment. •moderate ignition temperature. •economical ..

Scene 3 (30s)

conventional sources of energy •Fossil fuels – Fossil fuels are conventional sources of energy. Let us quickly look at some important points about fossil fuels: 1.Formed by decomposition of dead remains of living organisms. 2 .Take millions of years for their formation and very difficult to replenish. 3.Therefore, they are non-renewable sources of energy. 4.Uses – •Used in gas stoves for cooking •Fuel in vehicles •For generating electricity •In various industries5.Disadvantages- •Non-renewable source, hence may exhaust in near future •Harmful chemicals like oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur are released on burning fossil fuels •Causes air pollution and acid rains.

Scene 4 (59s)

•Causes greenhouse effect •threaten the ecological balance of the areas around fuel extraction Let us now see how fossil fuels are used in industries for generating electricity. •The simplest turbines have one moving part, a rotor-blade assembly.•The moving fluid acts on the blades to spin them and impart energy to the rotor.•Thus, we see that basically we need to move the fan, the rotor blade, with speed which would turn the shaft of the dynamo and convert the mechanical energy into electrical energyThis similar principle is used in thermal and hydro power plants..

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Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Hydro power plant A power plant that produces electricity by using flowing water to rotate a turbine (which drives the generator), is called hydro-power plant (or hydroelectric power plant). The electricity produced by using the energy of falling water (or flowing water) is called hydroelectricity.

Scene 6 (1m 43s)

Thermal power plant. Thermal power plant is a collective term which includes fossil fuels, geothermal, solar and nuclear power plants as well as waste incineration plants. The basic mechanism is that: Produce heat energy by any means fossil fuels, geothermal or solar and nuclear power. Use the heat energy to boil water, producing steams..