Toxic people Traits

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Scene 1 (0s)

Toxic people Traits. Part 1.

Scene 2 (6s)

Toxic people are selfish and self centred They always find a way to Bragg about themselves..

Scene 3 (15s)

Toxic people know no boundaries they will willingly cross others boundaries or either they don’t like other people limiting them..

Scene 4 (25s)

Toxic people are watchful of target person move and they tried to dig dip in everything possible to control target person life as they are control freaks ...

Scene 5 (36s)

Toxic person are always finding way to belittle target and prove themself superior to them.

Scene 6 (44s)

Toxic people are master manipulator .they mix half truth and false thing perfectly.

Scene 7 (52s)

Toxic people Use the vulnerable areas of target person to prove themself as superior..

Scene 8 (1m 1s)

Toxic and narcisstic person always are jealous of target person life and their achievements.

Scene 9 (1m 9s)

Toxic and Narcisstic person are Always try to gain sympathy by projecting themself as Victim.

Scene 10 (1m 17s)

Toxic and narcisstic person are good at playing mind games.

Scene 11 (1m 25s)

Toxic and narcisstic person never have enough of anything what ever you do is never enough for this kind of person.

Scene 12 (1m 34s)

Toxic and narcisstic person are always people pleaser they are always cautious of their public image.