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Scene 1 (0s)

Assests SSESTS Best Finance Wallet app Down Load App and Click Register Register

Scene 2 (7s)

Assests Create new account with us Email usename) Confgm Password Full Name Fill sponsor ID and all detail

Scene 3 (15s)

Assests Login into your account Fagot Passwt*d? Login wit detail

Scene 4 (22s)

Assests Assests Status Total galarcc View all PACKAGE pROFlT My Working Login then click add fund

Scene 5 (29s)

Assests < Add Balance Home Enter Amount to LOöd I OOO 1622652047 Pay Now Fill amount and click pay now

Scene 6 (38s)

Assests Add Balance CUCKTOI.PIPAY Ca$hvalUC in your hours You After Conve Paymnt Then click to pay UPI PAY

Scene 7 (46s)

Assests < Add Balance CUCK TO UP' PAY Home After Complete Payment click here nith WhatsApp GPay Payt.•n pay open by this item b'/ default With remnaers again. Select any method to pay

Scene 8 (58s)

RYtlTlUP/' Please wait, while we verify details For example selet paytm

Scene 9 (1m 6s)

Add Balance Assests Home Value Purchased Successfull, credited After Suscessful payment click after complete payment

Scene 10 (1m 14s)

Assests Assests OOO total Status PACKAGE PROFIT My Working your payment will show

Scene 11 (1m 20s)

Assests Da;hbOd Wittoa•w$8tus I > e My Refers g Refer Team Bonus Ttnactibfl$ W','th Package View Add PayoutAcccunV aungePauwo•d y Sign out Click menu and select growth package

Scene 12 (1m 30s)

Assests < Activate Growth Pack :tlCOe Aetwatjcn Payment Opt)on• Aetivate IJfilr.q Cash Balarce Prccee: Home Click on Proceed

Scene 13 (1m 39s)

Assests < Activate Growth Pack Hotne nooo 11.0% zoo cays) and asdfgh jk I OZ x c v b n m @ ?123 , @ and select package

Scene 14 (1m 50s)

Activate Growth Pack pocnamka$hyaD0702ßgrnailcom Assests c»ar Memtkf yout Home ( has ten activated. And 000 has been déducte«2 trom Cosh Bitance. Apply Click activate will receive confirmation

Scene 15 (2m 0s)

Assests Status TOW View PACKAGE PROFIT My Working Amount will show in package

Scene 16 (2m 6s)

Assests i Assests 0.000 Add to My Refer URL Share 8 Shatt to to whatapp for refer code

Scene 17 (2m 15s)

Assests Share on Send the following on WhatsApp CONTINUE TO CHAT Mtps]89.107S9 st33381706gs have Whaxt.pp ret? Get refer coåe i.e. 3338170685

Scene 18 (2m 25s)

Assests < Send Money Ente-r Amount to send 00.00 Email addres or User id Your Message pay NOW Home For send money other id click send money

Scene 19 (2m 35s)

Assests Add Bank Bank Name Poonam Account Numbe,• PAN Number 1303427/21 Home Register for Instant Payout Click add bank for update bank detail

Scene 20 (2m 44s)

Assests < Withdraw Money Cash Balance : Enter Amount Amount Select Payrat Acccqnt Home You can take mthdr&A alin multiple of cnly Paymerl will take S Sec to 6 hour max to $öttk in Wallet/Acccur,t . c" Of Failedpayment, rund will auto credit in Main wallet andPL can il again. will . Confirm 8 Prx*d For withdraw fund click withdraw money