Diversity Field Experience

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A small statue in a praying pose with flowers surrounding it.

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Overview. I chose to do my Diversity Field Experience on Religion. To do so, I participated in 3 different religious ceremonies/practices that I would normally not attend order to learn more about them. I also conducted my own research on each of the religions to gain an even deeper understanding. These events included: - A Unitarian Sunday Church Service - A Methodist Tuesday table talk - A Buddhist Meditation Session.

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Unitarian Church. Welcome! Worship with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mankato Sunday, October , 2021 Rev. Rita Capezzi, officiating Liz Kipp, Zoom Host Treselia Greiner and Andy Roberts, Tech Sq.

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What does the Unitarian religion value?. Believe God is one singular being Individuals chose to develop their own faith No one religion has all the answers.

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United Methodist Church. Bringing faith into the community. Do no harm. Do good. Stay in Love with God..

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Weekly Methodist Meeting. Theme:. "Does God Really Love Everyone?".

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. What the Buddhist religion Values. Human life can be a life of suffering Meditation, spiritual labor and good behavior are ways to enlighten life..

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Of the North. Meditation Session. Metta Meditation Use words to speak into the heart and open the heart “you have beautiful reasons” “You can be happy” “Learn to trust yourself first, then others”.

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