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Scene 1 (0s)

Flexible - Entrepreneurs must be flexible in order to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Flexibility comes in relation to changing the strategies, policies, and utilization of business resources.

Scene 2 (15s)

Persistent - there is no shortcut to success, and that is why it takes time to attain the objectives of the company. In the long run, things will not always fall under the control of the business managers. During times of change and hardship, the entrepreneur must not give up, especially when things are not favorable for business. Entrepreneurs must be persistent until their goals are achieve .

Scene 3 (39s)

Confident - Entrepreneurs must be confident about their own abilities, together with the abilities of their other team members. They must think positively and believe in their capabilities and they must not doubt that they can accomplish the most challenging tasks at hand.

Scene 4 (56s)

Organized - entrepreneurs must be well-organized when it comes to all activities of the business. A well-organized entrepreneur make sure that their organizational structure furnishes an environment where individual performance, both present and future, contributes effectively and efficiently to group endeavors.

Scene 5 (1m 14s)

Updated/Well-informed - to ensure achievement of entrepreneurial goals, entrepreneurs must continuously seek important, up-to-date information regarding their market customers, rivals in business, and suppliers. Expert opinion must also be sought to be well-informed

Scene 6 (1m 31s)

Team Players - Entrepreneurs must be able to work well with others. In unity, there is strength; good coordination with others will ensure business success.

Scene 7 (1m 45s)

Knowledgeable - Entrepreneurs must have expert knowledge about the product or service they want to sell, their competitors, and local/regional/ national markets so that they will have better chances of succeeding.

Scene 8 (2m 0s)

Risk - takers - Entrepreneurs are not afraid of risks and are ready to meet business challenges. However, they prefer calculated risks since they are aware that business undertakings may result in either success or failure profit or loss.