Virtual Workshop on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Virtual Workshop on TOC's Project Management solution Plan exibly Resolve resource conicts CRITICAL CHAIN DATE: 4 - 5 FEBRUARY, 2022 Embed safety for completion Manage uncertainties Be clear

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Time n Casn Goldratt India avensr Measurements Drive Behavior Virtual Workshop on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) TOCs Project Management solution DATE: 4 - 5 FEBRUARY, 2022.

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Plan flexibly Manage uncertainties CRITICAL CHAIN Embed safety for completion Resolve resource conflicts Be clear on priorities.

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Are your organisational goals compromised because your strategic initiatives are not completed? Do you struggle to finish projects on time, within scope and budget? Do the project priorities keep shifting constantly? Are your people stressed out as they work on multiple projects at the same time What would you gain if the key projects in your organisation were to complete well before time and with much less stress usingthe same or even less resources? Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) was introduced in 1997 in Dr. Goldratt's book, Critical Chain. The critical chain is the longest chain of dependent resourced tasks in the project. The solution aims to protect the duration of the project, and therefore, completion date, against the effects of each task’s structural and resource dependency, variation, and uncertainty..

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A plan, Or project network, that includes all task and resource dependencies as well as time with safety removed In this workshop, we will cover the CCPM methodology of planning projects with focus on the following: In multi-proiect environment, how to determine the staggering of projects based on the most loaded How to create a schedule showing the critical chain and the buffers Identifying expediting and improvement activities on buffer management.

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SESSION DETAILS Date: 4 - 5 February, 2022 (Friday & Saturday) Time: 11 am - 1 pm and 2 -4 pm on both days Total duration: 8 hours Investment: INR 20,000+ GST Registration of participants will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Please send nominations to or call on +91 $320 18261 for more details. Certificate will be provided on completion ofthe program. REGISTER HERE Agenda Difference between critical chain and path Current pain points in projects Basic Concepts: Bad multitaskmg, Student syndrome, Parkinson's Law CCPM in single and environment Network planning Placing and monitoring buffers Illustration through examples CCPM implementation case studies.

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Facilitator Profile Prasun Chowdhury is the Founder Of Aveni r, a management consulting firm that has helped a Of small- and organisations in India and North America. He has personally coached a number Of owner-entrepreneurs and practicing managers from SMEs across industries In his more than 25+ years Of consulting, he has led key with Fortune 50 organizations such as General Motors and Philips International as well as sized organizations across the world resulting in high value identification and capture. Prasun led and consulting that have delivered quantum increase in profits in very short of time. He has designed and innovative project and operations solutions for a known organ izations such as Godrej Group and Homex Mexico and them to capitalize On this decisive competitive edge in the market.

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. Homex with the help of Avenir have Critical Chain Project Management. We strongly feel that CCPM is the way ahead for any project based company. Over the last one year after implementing CCPM we are producing double the number Of with half the Of employees thus the productivity has gone up by Ing. Francisco Eugenio Lobeiro Trevino Director- HOMEX, Mexico.