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The vvorst part about being strong is that rnc» or•e ever asks if you're okay.

Scene 2 (8s)

Hello Fellow Human Being, Is it possible for anyone to understand you 100%? But how much of yourself do you allow anyone to know?

Scene 3 (21s)

May be you don’t talk about everything or don’t express yourself all the time. Perhaps, a hesitation, a fear of hurting someone you care about or passing on the pain to someone you love, but everyone needs that one person in this world who would listen to what you have to say. Don’t bottle up, pour your heart out!

Scene 4 (43s)

This is Maanavata (translates to ‘Humanity’ in Sanskrit) from, a human being like you, your friend who wants to hear you out, a person who believes that you are strong. A strong person is brave, handles tough situations, cares for others and is a pillar of strength for his/her loved ones. In this process, there is a story that you write - yet to be told, a history you create - yet to be shared and emotions you feel – yet to be described in words. If you know that it’s important to express, to share what you feel but you won’t do so because you also believe that sharing could cause hurt/pain to someone you love and care for, I want to lend an ear.

Scene 5 (1m 23s)

I’m ain’t writing to you with a qualification on paper but a quality of being a human being, with a mind and a heart that knows to understand another human being. I’m a friend, a neighbour, who co-lives with you on this planet and a person with emotions, just like you! I have a simple objective to be there for you in my own little way and a big promise to do so by being absolutely non-judgemental and by keeping your story safe. I care for humanity, I’m a stranger that you can trust! So, whatever may be your story, whether you’re a man or a woman, write to me, spare some time for yourself and share your thoughts. It requires great strength to put your emotions, feelings and situations in words but I know you have that strength within you. Whether you find a quick solution or not, be rest assured to hear back from a friend. Sometimes all you need is someone to hear you, that’s me J and I’m sure the strength within you already knows what you need to do! Let’s hope to create the best version of yourself, let’s get started!

Scene 6 (2m 20s)

PS : Your details like your name, email id etc., will not be shared with any third parties and will be treated strictly confidential. Love, Maanavata