Externship Final

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Scene 1 (0s)

[Audio] Externship Final. Vincent Lombardi.. Externship Final.

Scene 2 (7s)

[Audio] What I have Learned. I learned how a fast-paced law firm operates; I learned about the work that goes into each complaint; I learned what to look for in cases and how to discuss the case with the client; I learned how to communicate effectively with attorneys; and I learned that it is ok to ask for help and discuss problems with the attorneys..

Scene 3 (34s)

[Audio] How this experience impacted me. This experience gave me a positive outlook on the future; It showed me what I can expect in the future; It taught me how to have work/life balance; It showed me what type of law I want to practice in the future; and It showed me what a great working environment is..

Scene 4 (1m 0s)

[Audio] Relation to studies and surprises. This experience related the most to what I have learned in my LSV classes. I constantly remembered things I had learned in both LSV 1 and 2 while working this summer. Also, I believe this externship will help me in LSV 3 this fall; The biggest similarity was in writing memos. I wrote a lot of case reports and internal communications about the cases; and I was surprised at how many different cases are circulating at all times, but it was a good eye-opening experience..

Scene 5 (1m 41s)

[Audio] What I found concerning. The only thing I found concerning the number of hours that the attorneys worked. Some of them worked late into the night, and sometimes they worked over the weekends. Although this is concerning, I did find out that the attorneys have a lot of say in their schedules. Some of them work early in the morning and leave early, some start late in the day and stay late, and some work from home and only come into the office when necessary. Ultimately, it was concerning, however, it was good to see that the attorneys still manage to have a great work/life balance..

Scene 6 (2m 19s)

[Audio] The Office. The best part about the externship was simply just being in the office. I got to witness how real attorneys handle their lives and it was fascinating. Specifically, my office environment was great, and it was built for everyone to enjoy. They encouraged frequent short breaks and let everyone complete their assignments at their own pace. Overall, everyone I worked with was awesome and I cannot wait to begin my career, hopefully in an office like Garcia Legal..