PowerPoint Presentation

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Scene 1 (0s)

HELLO friends.This is a story about Dhaniram’s agricultural land

Scene 2 (8s)

I am the soil of his land. A few months ago Dhaniram planted some seeds of a crop in me.

Scene 3 (17s)

The roots of the crop asked me to give it some nutrients so that it can grow into a healthy plant.

Scene 4 (27s)

Ohhh Yess !!I too like healthy crops . My owner also becomes very happy when crops are healthy. So I gave the roots all the nutrients that the crop needed to grow.

Scene 5 (42s)

Hello friends.It is the harvest season.Look at my crops .They are so healthy and beautiful.My farmer is also very happy. I am also very elated to see my crops.Do you like them too?

After a few months...

Scene 6 (1m 0s)

Next sowing season.....

It is sowing season again.Dhaniram is again sowing seeds of crop in me.But I am tired.I have no more nutrients left to give to the new crop.How will the crop be healthy without sufficient nutrients?

Scene 7 (1m 19s)

Alas.This harvesting season , my farmer has incurred a great loss as the crop is not healthy . Friends please help my farmer to understand the causes.