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TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION - Background of the Company FedEx Porter Five Forces Organizational Structure FedEx Business segments and Services SWOT Analysis.

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Founder of FedEx. Frederick W. Smith Born August 11,1994 American and business magnate investor.

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FedEx Porter Five Forces. Threats of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Supply Bargaining Power of Buyers Threats From the Substitute Products Rivalry of Existing Firms FedEx can develop brand loyalty by working on costumer relationship management - FedEx can strengthen its position against suppliers by decreasing the dependency on one or a few suppliers. - FedEx can manage the bargaining power of buyers by increasing and diversifying their costumer base - FedEx can reduce threat of substitute Products or services - FedEx should focus on the implicit needs and expectations of the costumers - The organizational should also invest in research and development activities. - FedEx can find the alternative ways of producing the product - FedEx can adopt strategies to strengthen its competitive positioning in the market -it should provide convincing reasons to the costumers - The organizational should also invest in research and development activities..

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ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. Human Resources Ck'velwrtent caporate Chairman &CEO Chief Information Officer Reseo•ch and Development Chief Financial Officer USA General Counsel and Secretar•v FedEx Express President and CEO FedEx Ground Latin America Caribbean FedEx Freight Canada Middle East. man Subc.mtnent Mktg: Asia Pacific Mktg: HR I Fin. Mktg: op. I " HR / Fin. I Mktg: IHRi Mktg:.

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Exvßs Fre•ght ooo Trade bletworks Sg:ply Crite.

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SWOT ANALYSIS. Brand Reputation WEAKNESSES High Operating Cost STRENTGHS Global Presence Technological Capabilities Service Portfolio Overdependence on the North American Market Lack of Diversification Bad Costumer Service.

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OPPORTUNITIES Expansion into Emerging Markets THREATS New Rivals E-commerce Portfolio Diversification Al and Digital Technology Currency Fluctuations Fuel Price Fluctuation Uncertainties Global Recession.

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