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Mariachi music is one of the universal symbols of Mexican culture. It is a musical form that unites people who for one reason or another live at other country but have Mexican roots. People consider that mariachi music is one the greatest gift that Mexico has given to the world

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Mariachi music originated at the end of the 19 th century in Jalisco, Mexico. It is considerate as “organic” because it emerged in the rural setting and it was used for cultural celebrations, weddings, and baptisms

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Mariachi encompasses musical genres such as son, ranchera, corrido, bolero, polka, jarabe, huapango , and even pop and classical .

What is unique of mariachi is the instruments, vihuela and the guitarron and only found in mariachi creating the armonia . The guitarron is a large guitar with a stronger bass as the harp and th e vihuela is a smaller type of guitar . A trumpet was added later in the 1930s.

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In this performance by Mariachi Chavez, we see the presence of the instruments mentioned and the violin.

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Traje de charro is the custom that mariachis wear at presentations. A suit with metallic decorations at the wrist and the side of the pants, topped by the wide-brimmed and highly ornate sombrero.

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Mariachi can perform at talon, which means that they performance songs walking from table to table at restaurants. Chamba is when a mariachi is hired to play at a wedding, anniversary, baptism, quinsenera or funeral. A serenata, in which a mariachi sing for a loved one. And finally, is the planta which is when the perform at a stage.

A Serenata

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The USA is one of the places in which mariachi music is most popular, Chicano and Latino populations regard Mariachi as a Latin cultural achievement.

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Areas in the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and San Antonio are areas in which is easily to hire mariachi for parties, at restaurant and the enrollment of children at school.

Mariachi music programs in the us has an effect in students and is now formalized being taught in schools and universities.

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The band has been performing for six decades and it is known as Mexico’s most talented Musicians, is one of the best mariachi bands. Many movies created in the united states positioned mariachi as a symbol of Mexican culture and pride, movies in which Mariachi Vargas appeared many times.


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Through the mariachi, love and affection are shown, since their songs express feelings that words often cannot express.

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Mariachi music is the ultimate symbol of Mexican culture all throughout the world. In the United States immigrants take it as a little piece of Mexico that is with them while they are away from home.

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