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AI Minds

Predictive Maintenance

Scene 2 (6s)

Standard agenda

Introduction : Predictive model & Advantages Method of analysis : Manual & Real time measurements. Data Analysis Performance trends analysis Optimization requirements Proposed real time system Recommendations

Scene 3 (17s)


Maintenance plays an important role to realize full productive capability of industry Reactive maintenance Preventive maintenance Predictive maintenance

Reactive maintenance Machine health Failure Preventive maintenance Machine health Time Still usable I condition Predictive maintenance Machine health now Time Optimum time to do maintenance X Predicted failure Time

Scene 4 (29s)

Method of analysis


Acquire Data Preprocess Data Identify Condition Indicators Train Model Deploy and Integrate

Equipment Transmitters Control System Historian – OSISoft PI

Scene 5 (40s)

Data Analysis

Compressors Pumps Motors Turbines Electricgenerators Fans,Blowers Heatexchangers,Boilers,Ovens,Kilns Waterheaters Pulverizers,Crushers Condensers Transformers,Breakers,Capacitors Agitators,Blenders,Mixers Gearboxes Chillers Industrialvehicles Manymore