The Importance of Stretching

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Dumbbell rack at gym

The Importance of Stretching

Alexandra Cooksey Health Communication Hazel Reyes

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Describe your typical workout routine to the person next to you

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Did you mention stretching in your routine?

Help improve performance  It is usually overlooked Overtime joints become less flexible Inhibit normal functions of life

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Think 5!

Prevent from future injury 01 Lower back pain 02 Muscle recovery 03 Improve range of motion 04 Improve posture 05

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How to Make Time for Stretching

Static stretches Before, during or after a workout Stretching is adaptive to the individual  Different stretches for what you personally need

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Stretches that target different muscle groups

Back Stretches: Floor hip flexor Child’s pose Leg stretches: Standing hamstring stretch Lunges Arm stretches: Triceps stretch Arm across chest

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To Wrap It Up

Stretching is beneficial for improving health Personalized to the individual Health behavioral change

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