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Generate awareness about our core service for 1,000 new ideal customer over the next 12 months Generating awareness about Devbridge core services , capturing contact details in our CRM system for 1,000 new ideal customers other. Measure about the objective /Data insights /search appearances /people visiting our profiles. Optimizing Social Media Profiles to drive traffic to Devbridge website sharing links to our website for a download or an action.


Social Media Objectives for Devbridge


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Choosing The Channel Smart Objectives Settirg the metrics Choosirg the Platform —•sa•a From scrcutsac.aL com


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The importance of DEVBRIDGE content social marketing

PLANNING CONTENT Great looking social media setup Posting updates Deciding what to say

The high-tech industries and professional services are totally different as we always have to take into account that the potential clients are doing research, looking for a decision or even for the latest news related to technology, effectiveness (cost reduction) or speed of delivery.


BRAND ADVOCATES Informative advertising Knowledge Solution provider Colleagues sharing with friends news/technology /story


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Our content marketing activities team should focus on key capabilities, technology, innovations, user experiences and should be aligned with product managers/product owners directions and advice to ensure that the content is relevant to the product's purpose.

Being very informative and answering any questions that come up on social media, as well as creating Q&As or even FAQs to build trust

Peering behind what competitors are posting/communicating (marketing/social strategy).

Spotting where people are engaging with competitor content. We just want to be inspired by things that bring are bringing them back results.



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Get inspired to live life in style.

DEVBRIDGE marketing content is not just words, it can also be a video (vlog), either live or recorded, or audio content where someone explains their experience at a specific link and we can allow hashtags and comments).

Being interactive using a couple of online surveys, questionnaires, various other actions that create connection and engagement.

Defining key messages for our marketing and consistent content: O ur industry O ur subject matter O ur community O ur initiatives that support you



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Creating blogs regarding the industry: covering the latest developments and stories that interest all of our viewers.

sharing news related topics like Innovation and R&D Expansion, Advanced Software User Experience.

Comment on Industry related news that can be found easily on the Twitter or linked through profile, terminal, Community, forums, etc.. Feedback and reply related specific topic of your specialist (It is very likely that adding a new feature for a specific problem and adding your exercises and solution .


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318000 w O ' MAN,

THER ther Active Era Reddit

Offering great knowledge and insights Listening and observing through social media such as debates , conversations , comments Quora , google, google trends , R eddit , twitter hashtags, facebook communities to understand conversational concerns and if in case we could be useful for us to offer, post through remarketing tactics. Schedule/planning (when we need to post when we post) Planning for the month and post weekly to gather input from product manager or confirmation signatures , editing I need.


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Creating videos that attract attention. Profile and design professionally crafted video templates focusing on brand ambassadors , the brand , message and building trust with to market....


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The Social Media Content Calendar : 1 - Daily short post ? 2- two/three long articles per month (e.g. linkedin midday-Friday) ? 3- 3-5 short posts on insta or facebook ?


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Streams Add Stream Timeline My posts Write a comment... View comments m inS ago

Scheduling Social Media Posts


Connect with customers at every step of their journey

E ngage audiences on multiple networks, proving DEVBRIDGE social ROI, and share insights across teams

Integrating with google analytics

Extending our reach through employee advocacy

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Social Media Analytics


A social media analytics assessment helps us to understand which social media efforts are working and which ones are not. This helps in better focusing time, effort, as well as on budget. Analysis will also help create Social Media Performance Reports to share with the team and DEVBRIDGE stakeholders.

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Prepared by ; Bassam Baz July 01-2021- Vilnius, Lithuania

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