Who I am as a learner

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Who I am as a learner

By Alesia Nicole Untesu

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W ho I am as a learner


L aguages




Learning from seeing the world

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I am an observer I learn how I want to do things be observing how others do them I am a verbal/linguistic I like to see all the sides of the argument in order to determine exactly what I think I am interpersonal I like to be around people most of the time even if we are in silence together

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Math Physics Chemistry History Soroban

I love exact sciences and learning about them

I am a very curios person and so I enjoy learning more and more about everything around me.

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English French Turkish

I want to communicate to people as easily as possible and I enjoy social interactions .

I learn languages very fast so I like to profit and know as many as possible

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Swimming Ballet Tennis Yoga

Over all learning: discipline, patience, balance.

I know that sports are really important. Healthy mind in healthy body, so I try to stay active even in these challenging times.

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I like to express myself, my feelings and what im thinking thru art and it is very therapeutic for me, also the positive energy that I bring other people with my paintings is a great reward .

I like talking to people and presenting what I have to say about certain topics so public speaking really attracted me.

Public speaking Painting Theatre


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I love travelling around the world and learning history and geography about the places in front of my eyes, I think that this is a very important way of learning and this past year I’ve realised even more how important it is for me.

Learning from seeing the world


Scene 9 (2m 34s)

I am a learner :


I am interested in learning. I ask questions about everything, my imagination and understanding of new things push me to.


I understand how my thoughts and action impact me and the people around me. I manage my own emotions and willingly deal with the emotions of others


I make a difference. I unapologetically advocate for a dramatic change


I have strong values. I know who I am and what I stand for. I am confident in facing challenges because I know what I’m capable of. I will be brave as I face new things, despite feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

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Alesia Nicole Untesu alesiauntesu@yahoo.com