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Bishal Bhopal CEO


Christian Torqueza RESOURCE MANAGER

Josh Lagdamin COO


Mikka Gabriel Enriquez STOCK MANAGER




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Production Team

Precious Guillermo

Gelsey Gomez

James Villaflor

Jade Julio Sagarino

Adelaine Balajadia

Mark Salvador

Earl Dungca

Rowena Aquino

Bairon Jose

Jomar Aquino

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Louie De Leon













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Delivery Managers

Bien Bana

Mark Podre

Mike San Pedro

Janvier Roque

Jaylord Alberto


Jaspher Margallo

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our office


Cabanatuan city, Nueva Ecija

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Executive Summary Our business began on 2021. We plan to change or break the routine life of snacks to a more enjoyable experience with every bite of bratty sweets. Each bite takes you on a whole different ride, Tanginess, sweetness, fruity flavors, and even chocolates, we have it all! We strive to provide customers a safe and fun place to dine and a place to share exciting moments with different people of every race. Our business has grown quite substantially from these early beginnings, we are proud of the bratty sweets business we have created, and we look forward to its growth in the future. we feel that the lessons we have learned from the sweets business will serve us well as we go forward. the small business industry features a great deal of opportunity but some unique challenges as well, we feel that our company is uniquely positioned to profit from changes in the industry, and we feel that our company can continue to leverage the expertise we have gained into higher levels of profit and customer satisfaction. and now valentines is fast approaching, we started to set a goal in this coming valentines, to sell our sweets in a jar product, we are aiming to have a profit of 4k or more and also to sell it to the kids who loves sweets and we will be adding a twist in our product for it to be more attractive to the young customers, adding a mix of little surprise toys together with the sweet products will surely lighten up their day, as for the couples we will be adding a hidden desired message from the buyer to add a little bit of romantic touch to the product. these products are advertised through social media and commercial to build more reputation and relation to the consumer.



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Company Description:   Bratty sweet is a company that offers different kinds of sweets at an affordable price. The name Bratty sweet means that you will be spoiled to the sweetness of the company provide. Bratty sweet had a tagline of “Have a jar of sweetness that you will never forget". The company used this as a tagline because it shows the uniqueness of the product to the other competitors that offers the same product. The sweets that the company provide are assorted that comes with the jar which shows the uniqueness of the company. Another thing is that the company wants to satisfy its customers by giving them a new experience of different kinds of sweets and to remind them of their childhood memories. The company aims to spread positivity to the customers by offering them the assorted sweets

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Vision Our vision is to spread our passion for sweets to everyone, to share the sweetness of life. To be the best sweets provider in town. To be the very best, to provide great quality and service, so that everyone can experience the sweetness of life,


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Mission The Bratty sweets company is dedicated to deliver a delicious sweet candy to its’ consumers and to provide the people of any ages, couples or single in town with a safe and a friendly place to mingle and share a few sweets in a jar. The company shop is dedicated to be the sanctuary and center of peace, love, and sweetness.


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Sample Products




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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Bratty sweets in a jar is made up of 100% natural sweetness, a product of creativity and love. The idea of a 62 ounce of jar filled with sweet candies, chocolates and gummies inside are from different sweet companies around the city, the jar is wrapped with paper and some sweet and motivational words are written on it, perfect for people of all ages. The jar is filled different sweet candies, chocolates and gummies to add up for extra different color to the product. It is believed to be the sweetest product in the city. It is also a well-known product because of its safe organic ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter (nondairy). Allergy Free Info: No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Gluten, No Sesame, No Mustard, and No Corn Syrup! Non-GMO and Vegan! The buyers have the chance to pick this ingredients and allergy free information is the proof that it is safe and healthy to eat and enjoy by everybody, diabetic or not.



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SPECIFICATION Sweets can be part of a healthy, lifelong eating pattern. The experience of sharing this transform a simple occasion into something extraordinary. In the home with family or friends or around the table in the office, our product evokes togetherness and conversation. Now that the valentine’s day is approaching, our product can be a good gift idea for your loved ones. There are also children who loves sweets, we have e twist in our product for it will be more attractive to the young customers because of its mix of little surprise toys together with our sweet product. For us, however, it doesn’t matter what the occasion or the time of the year it is. Rather, it is all about feeding the soul with food that makes them feel like they’ve finally found Heaven on earth. Admit it, eating sweet makes your day better. You start liking people more, and feel like everything is going to be alright. What Bratty Sweets offered for sale had two distinguishing characteristics: the candy was made with love and it is very affordable. The Bratty sweets comes in different flavors; our delights are very tasty and affordable to all buyers. Mostly our targets are persons who have a low budget and assures them that they can afford our delights. We are very confident enough that our customers will be satisfied and fell the urge to eat more of our product because of its very tasty flavors with the satisfactory level they need. Bratty sweets come from a unique way. These sweets are varied from the best and keeps on improving each day. Life is too short to miss out on our product. So enjoy them while you can. Go ahead, live a little, have some dessert!


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Product specification Ingredients Nutritional data (per 1 sweets (5g)) Places exported from/origin Dark Chocolate 70% gluten-free Cocoa content, Organic Cane Sugar, vegetable fat, sweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter (nondairy). Calories   Total carbohydrates   Total fat Saturated fat   Sodium   Cholesterol   Protein   Fiber   Vitamins 30   4 g     7 g 1.4 g   0 mg   0 mg   4.9 g   7 g   Vitamin A Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija 20 mg/gummies     Tapioca syrup, cane sugar, water, gel blend (agar, locust, bean gum), tapioca starch, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sunflower lecithin. Calories   Total carbohydrates   Total fat Saturated fat   Sodium   Cholesterol   Protein   Fiber   Vitamins 10   3 g     2 g 1.2 g   0 mg   0 mg   6 g   8 g   Vitamin A 5% Vitamin C 4% Cabanatuan city, Nueva Ecija

Sweet candies Sugarcane, corn syrup, corn sugar, honey, molasses, maple sugar, and noncaloric sweeteners Calories   Total carbohydrates   Total fat Saturated fat   Sodium   Cholesterol   Protein   Fiber   Vitamins 130   300 g     5 g 3.5 g   100 mg   20 mg   4 g   25 g   Vitamin A 4% Vitamin C 0% Calcium 2% Iron 0% Cabanatuan city, Nueva Ecija

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Sweet products size price computation subtotal       DARK CHOCOLATE SMALL   ₱100 100 x 1= ₱100 MEDIUM ₱150 150 x 1= ₱150 LARGE 1000 ml ₱200 200 x 1= ₱200       GUMMIES SMALL   ₱100 100 x 1= ₱100 MEDIUM ₱150 150 x 1= ₱150 LARGE 1000 ml ₱200 200 x 1= ₱200       SWEET CANDIES SMALL   ₱ 100 100 x 1= ₱100 MEDIUM ₱150 150 x 1= ₱150 LARGE 1000 ml ₱200 200 x 1= ₱200


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MARKETING CHANNELS SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE SELLING APPS Social media and online selling apps will be our marketing channels, Social media and online selling apps is the most trend platforms for selling various things and food because social media apps and online selling apps like Facebook and Lazada have a huge number of users. We will be able to promote our product by creating a photo advertisement to get the attraction we need. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Coupons - Coupons can be used to know the loyalty of the customers. The company used coupons as a marketing tool to know and gain loyal customers. The company will provide a piece of paper wherein every time they avail a product, they can gain one signature. The coupons can be used by collecting five signatures and the customers can have a 1 free product of their choice.


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Facebook page - Social media is popular nowadays in every people. Opening their social media is usually concluded as their daily routine. The company took this as an advantage to create online marketing strategy to promote the products and provide other information about the company. Facebook page is used for them to be able to contact the company and for them to be updated on the company’s products and prices.

Scene 18 (8m 46s)


LAZADA - Lazada is a popular online shopping platform that are very useful in times of a pandemic, the company will use Lazada as a marketing channel for online buyers. This will be very helpful to sell our product to the buyers from a far distance to the shop. The company will work with Lazada to improve our online selling strategy. All products and sizes will be available in Lazada with the same and affordable Price, the company will not raise its prices so our customers from a far distance would be able to enjoy the sweetness and delicious Brattysweets products.


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*Our business will be run as a partnership *All depts and liabilities of this business will be our responsibility *The partnership between us owns all the business asset and owe all the liabilities Our business is a partnership still. Partnership is an agreement between two or more people to oversee business operations and share its profit and liability. In this case we, classmates, are all partners and will be shared an equal profit and liability. Sweet in a jar is a small business that require effort and creativeness to be presented in a nice way. It is a product that includes different resources such as the main ingredient, sweets. It is a product for customers who is fond of sweets or it can also be a gift to a partner/love one to show love and affection. Social media platform is the best marketing tool or strategy that we may use specially in times like this wherein we are facing a crisis. We are now relying on online buying and we use social medias to find a good goods to buy. Also, you can reach customers more than your target for the reason that social medias are too huge and broad.

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Equal rights policy. The company is set to improve life and not to terminate our employees and buyer's rights. Both the employees and buyer's will be treated equally and with the respect to the law, the entire company will respect and rightfully practice everyone's rights. With this policy, the company would be successful for its mission to be the safest company in the city, the policy is set to terminate discrimination, mockery, harassment, disobedience and other human rights violation that would kill and destroy the reputation of the entire company. The company will do it's to best to cooperate with the human rights association of the country. Environmental protection, Health and safety policies. The company is compassionate to have the safest working place in the City. The company's product are well safe, clean and made with care and cautious. The company cared for the environment that it's products and equipments are environmentally friendly. The employee’s factory is also well equipped, from the boots, facemask and hair nets to ensure the products' cleanliness and to ensure the safety of our employees, the company shop is well equipped environment for any natural disasters. The costumer's health and safety is also our most priority. With fire extinguisher and strong walls with fire exit are also in place. Day-off and leave policies. The company is very genuinely to protect its employee’s mental health and etc. The company is encouraging its employees to have a day-off at work to make time for their self and with family. This policy is a simple right that an employee must have, given by the employers. This policy, is sign that company respects and cares for your rights. Attendance, Absence and tardiness policies. The company is very strict implementing the policy that discouraged employees to leave or be late to their duties to the company without proper ways, notes, consent or a day-leave from work. If an employee proven to have disobey the policy, he or she would be call in the manager's office or the CEO's office to explain for themselves .

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The company is a haven for literal Sweet-lovers, a place of discipline, respect and good behavior. The employees will be given a seminar that educate them about the discipline, respect and proper behavior towards others that they have to practice at all times. Employees with disciplinary and behavioral disobedience, will be sent to the manager's office and let them explained for themselves and the company will not tolerate such undisciplined actions and behavior towards, either, co-workers, costumers or to the company. Proper and safety equipment or uniforms policy. The company is a sweet product producer and to ensure the safety of the products, employees and the costumers, the company set a policy that would ensure the use of proper and safety equipment and uniforms for the factory workers and other employees. These safety equipments include hair nets, facemask, gloves. The proper uniforms of the employees are also a must. The uniforms colors and designs are based on the company's logo Employee's proper hygiene policy. The company ensure the safety and cleanliness of the products for the employees and customers. So, the company set a policy that would create an assurance to the buyers the safety and cleanliness of our product and the shop. The employees must have a decent and proper haircut, no beard or mustache for male employees (optional), properly tied hair for female employees, and clean hygienic appearance. A smile is good way to entertain a good costumer. Employees and costumer's complaints policies. The company is a safe haven for Sweet-lovers and peace seeker. Any complaints from either the costumers or employees, the company is a ready to take action and solve the problem. Every complaint from them is well and respectfully taken. The complaints are the company's guide to continuously improved the its policies, code of conduct and products

Scene 22 (12m 30s)


OPERATING PLAN LOCATION OF OUR BUSINESS Bratty Sweets is a private food business located inside PHINMA- Araullo University. The main establishment for the enterprise is a two-story building that contains the stockroom, manager’s office, employee’s locker, and other basic facilities.   PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Food products are compiled in a jar designed to bestow positive vibes to the customers. The aesthetic theme is the visage of the store as it resembles relaxing and endearing ambiance to the surroundings. The target customers are the students, teachers, and employees of PHINMA- Araullo University. As they are the primary audiences of the store

Scene 23 (13m 2s)

RAW MATERIALS AND SOURCING METHOD Materials to create the product are the following:

MATERIALS Jar Paper Ribbon Gummies Candies Chocolates Design Materials

STEPS 1 st - Prepare the materials needed 2 nd - Design the jar using the design materials 3 rd - Put the candies, chocolates, and gummies inside the

STEPS 4th - Seal the jar 5th - Attach the paper that indicates the product details 6th - Tie the ribbon on the jar for finishing touch


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The pricing for traditional accounting work is a little different from firm to firm. But generally, most firms either work on a flat-fee basis or a time and materials basis. Each firm’s clients adjust to their billing method and life goes on. But when it comes to wealth management, the context for your clients’ perception on how much they are paying, how much they should pay and how that billing or payment occurs may be different. Their expectation on how to judge quality advice and how to pay for wealth management services may be distorted and have been created by their experiences with the financial services industry as it is today or as it’s been in the past. It’s really important to have an idea of what you need before you start. Continuing with my series on standard business plan financials, startups need to project starting costs. Starting costs set up a starting balance, which is necessary to plan cash flow. And the starting costs are critical to determining whether a startup can bootstrap or needs outside funding. For existing companies that already have financial results, projections start with the expected ending balance of the previous period. But for startups, it’s about starting costs.

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The overall coat that we need to start and grow the business is 500 pesos. We are going to buy products that we are going to sell every end of the week and it will cost 250. We will make an example product of our own that will be the sample product of the business. However, if you create and stick to a budget, you'll never find yourself in this precarious position. You'll know exactly how much money you earn, how much you can afford to spend each month and how much you need to save. 500 pesos is more than enough to build sweet bratty food. At this moment, we choose to be in the online shopping world because of the pandemic. We’re also deciding to make a Shopee and Lazada account for us to be more accessible online. You can reach us out by messaging us in our Facebook page or you can message us in our email.

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Whoa! That’s a big number, aren’t you proud?


2022 2023 2024 Sales revenue Php 324,145 Php 389,309 Php 439,490 Cost of Sales Php 153,054 Php 182,186 Php 225,568 Costumers 2,334 5,421 8,543

Pro–forma Projection

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Any questions? You can at contact us on FACEBOOK & LAZADA BRATTY SWEETS