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Scene 1 (0s)


Journey through


Scene 2 (7s)

3 Moving away from friends and social circle to a completely new city and family troubles Emotional trauma

4 Challenged my personal believes, intensions , and the process of transition, fear of the unknown Stereotypes and prejudices

Change is inevitable and the only constant

1 Moving cities for my masters Change in Cities

2 Moving from Delhi to Chennai lead to a huge cultural shock Cultural and language change

When you decide to make a big change in your life, one thing you can be sure o its that there will be challenges along the way, that throws you out of your comfort zone. There is no option to avoid challenges, so either learn to face them or give up.

Scene 3 (49s)

Change in language hindered my professional growth, culture, the system of operations, people, behavior , climatic conditions, pressure of work. External factors

Emotional trauma, Lack of self esteem, fear of failure, started isolating myself, perception, being in denial, defensive, lack of motivation, pessimistic attitude. Internal factors

Situation- Resistance - Barrier

Managing change is not easy, it becomes usually traumatic, and therefore hinders the process of self growth. My whole life I exactly knew where I want to be and what to do in order to get there, until I didn’t. it was the first time in my life that moment and I was rudderless. It affected me physically, emotionally and it took me on a self exploratory journey.

Scene 4 (1m 31s)

Complication-Resolution- Growth

The process of growth and moving past all the barriers requires religious effort that is geared and focused on progress not perfection, having a defined reason to make a change that you can revisit when you want to give up is the key to success, the turning point for me was the constant support of my friends and constantly working on my soft skills and my certification in CBT which helped me to introspect the differences between rational and irrational, and of self “will I be able to complete it?”, “ am I smart enough?”.

Healthy eating habits, meditation and yoga Follow healthy practices

Process of unlearning and learning, openness, and be my own unique self, be aware of my feelings and emotions Acknowledgement of self

Asking and seeking help when I need, consciously be aware of the differences and bridge the gap, made effort towards connecting socially. Learning language

Consciously live the mere essence of life, adapting and acceptance of situations, and overcoming and be persistent, explored my hobbies. Not being too hard with self expectations

Fighting my stress and fears and doing things that motivated me helped me to overcome the challenges. Taking baby steps and one day at a time.

Scene 5 (2m 36s)

The way we respond to challenge has an ENORMOUS impact on the trajectory of our lives. And it took religious hard work, persistence, and resilience on this journey, and as a result of it was Emotionally maturing, Spiritually awakening and transformational. Getting honest with myself, my weaknesses, and with pain and growing into a better version of myself.

Personal Growth and And attained skills

Awareness and reasoning of why, how and what and learning from experience. Intellectual Intelligence

It helped me to be aware of my body i.e., heart, mind, and soul. Helped me to be adaptable and agile to external as well as internal situations. Body Intelligence

The journey helped me to be more aware and in control of my emotions. Be Persistent, resilient, risk taker, and a survivor. Emotional intelligence

To be joyful in life, pushed my creativity helped me to become more humane and epithetical. . Spiritual Intelligence

Scene 6 (3m 30s)


Submitted by – Paulami Sharma, MA-HRM (2018-20) Madras School of Social Work