Poetry Analysis

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Scene 1 (0s)

Poetry Analysis

By: Imanni Matthew

Scene 2 (7s)

Summary The Black Man's son written by Oswald Durand... It's a story based on love expressed by a 21yrs old black man towards a white lady... Following in his parents footsteps. His father being black and his mother white but the young man's situation was different.

Scene 3 (24s)

Poet Intention The poet wanted his readers to feel the intense love the young black man had for the white lady.. Which appeared to be forbidden.. Even though the poet compared the young man's love to his parents. His parent love was “sacred” but it wasn't the same for him. “Won scarce a glance from those bright eyes. ”

Scene 4 (45s)

Mood The atmosphere of romance was set by the poet.. Allowing readers to feel the love expressed by the young man towards the young lady. “I loved Lise” “and when she blushed in fear or delight pomegranates seemed to bloom.”

Scene 5 (1m 1s)

Tone The tone set by the poet is one of empathy.. The poet compared the young man's situation to his parents even though his was forbidden “yet my mother was as white as Lise.” My father was more black than I but the church had joined their colours” but in the young man’s situation different. “The man’s son struck fear in the white folks daughter.”

Scene 6 (1m 23s)

Theme The theme of this poem is hope… Being born to a black man an a white woman the young man can be hopeful the same can happen to him and Lise

Scene 7 (1m 36s)

Language The language used is lyrical… The poet used love lyrics to described the love expressed.