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I. INTRODUCTION. Nowadays, machines play a critical role as those machines are broadly utilized in various subjects. The contribution of machines in our daily lives is swiftly growing day by day as they are starting to replace humans in everyday tasks. Machines can do tasks that might either be impossible for an individual to do or it might take a longer time for them to complete it..

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INTRODUCTION. . . Machine that can dispense of alcohol through dropping a specified number of coins in a coin slot. Once the coin/coins have been dropped, the machine automatically dispenses of an alcohol. The Coin-Operated Alcohol Vending Machine will cater the needs of the customers with no further human intervention required. The machine is user-friendly and is very simple to operate. The customers will only have to deal with the number coins to be dropped to the machine which will correspond to the measure to be dispensed. The advantage of this study is it will no longer require staff support, yet it can make money..

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11111. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. The research will seek answers to the following questions: What design parameters should the researchers consider to develop the Coin Operated Alcohol Vending Machine? 2. What development and implementation strategy should the researchers adopt to be utilized to ensure that the Coin Operated Alcohol Vending Machine will work? 3. What evaluation parameters should the researchers assess in order to measure the performance and acceptability of the Coin Operated Alcohol Vending Machine?.

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1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY. T he specific objectives of the study: To design and fabricate a portable machine using simple techniques. To evaluate the use of existing pre-purified Alcohol bottle spray (60ml) as refills for vending machine..

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1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY. Generally, the study contributes to a better understanding of the "forgotten" retail format vending, especially with respect to consumer behavior in this area. Convenience can be seen as the primary benefit of and reason for shopping at a vending machine. In the context of vending, we show that convenience can be understood as a multi-dimensional construct, consisting of the four dimensions of access, decision, transaction and after-sales convenience..

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1.5 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK. INPUT. Baseline Research Components Identification Understading the concept and existing sytem and innovating Materials.

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1.6 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS. The purpose of this research is to see benefits vending machine in supply necessary of society, especially in an emergency. Vending machine can be a solution to necessary of society with a high level of urgency. Because, a machine that is supported by technology can accelerate the distribution of a product to consumers, so the necessary can be fulfilled quickly, easily and practically. Impact of this research is to show that the vending machine helps the customer to get a product easier..

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II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. These days, automated machines are in demand for they make numerous activities not only easier but also more efficient. These machines require minimal human intervention to do its job. Vending machine is one of these automated machines which made people’s lives more convenient..

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III. METHODOLOGY. The methods involved in the study highlight the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of an Coin Operated Alcohol Vending Machine. To realize the objectives of the study, the researchers considered a guiding framework throughout the whole duration of the project..

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DEVELOPMENT. The researchers stated on designing and fabricating of Coin Operated Alcohol Vending Machine with f ast and relatively low cost coin machine. The development of this machine is that can perform to satisfy the needs of individuals and can easily refill the empty bottle with just the drop of a coin..

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IMPLEMENTATION. The researchers will conduct testing on materials and parts added to prove it's functionality on the improvements with regards and consideration to recommendation of cited and previous studies..

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EVALUATION. The researchers will conduct a trial and error of the prototype if it’s fully functional and proceed to evaluate a survey to determine the effectiveness of the prototype. The prototype will be deployed in different designated areas to know how will it be useful to the community as what the researchers want..