PK - Plan B2

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Scene 1 (0s)

Video N°2 English

Scene 2 (6s)

Today we I am going to talk about my family members


Scene 3 (14s)

Family Members

Scene 4 (28s)

Hello ! My name’s Peppa !

Scene 5 (35s)

That is my daddy

Scene 6 (42s)

That is my mommy

Scene 7 (49s)

That is my brother

Scene 8 (56s)

That is my sister

Scene 9 (1m 2s)

That is my grandpa

Scene 10 (1m 9s)

That is my grandma

Scene 11 (1m 16s)

G randpa


insignia alta 2014

Scene 12 (1m 37s)


G randma

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Scene 13 (1m 53s)



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Scene 14 (2m 9s)



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Scene 16 (3m 33s)

Let’s do our finger family

Dibuja a la finger family en tus dedos Graba un video realizando la canción. Envía video de la evidencia ( plazo máximo 17-05)

Scene 17 (4m 1s)

Good Bye! See you later!