Piracy for Cancer Study

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Scene 1 (0s)

Piracy for Cancer Study. A Pirate raises money for Cancer Study Treatment Joshua Evangelista.

Scene 2 (1m 21s)

Tony is a college student that wants to participate in a donation program that would send money towards cancer study treatment. While Tony is studying in college he often gets a hold of torrents of new movies that come out. In his free time he decides of a way to gain a good amount of money to be sent to the donation program. Tony reasons that distributing torrents for movies is also a way to also combat against the amount of bloated subscription services in order to watch a specific movie.

Scene 3 (3m 19s)

Tony decides that by getting a hold of these torrents, distributing them can earn him money. He would lock the torrent file in a zip folder alongside a readme file in a folder that would explain how to gain access to the password that would unlock the torrent. The readme will lead to a separate site that would ask for an email. When given it would reveal the password to the folder and allow access to the torrent. This would give Tony $1 for each email submitted and confirmed by the sender. Tony can log onto the affiliated site that allows money to be earned through traffic and check the amount he makes..

Scene 4 (5m 50s)

ACM Code of Ethics Usage. 1.1 Contribute to society and to human well-being, acknowledging that all people are stakeholders in computing. Computing professionals should consider whether the results of their efforts will respect diversity, will be used in socially responsible ways, will meet social needs, and will be broadly accessible. They are encouraged to actively contribute to society by engaging in pro bono or volunteer work that benefits the public good. 2.3 Know and respect existing rules pertaining to professional work. "Rules" here include local, regional, national, and international laws and regulations, as well as any policies and procedures of the organizations to which the professional belongs. Computing professionals must abide by these rules unless there is a compelling ethical justification to do otherwise. Rules that are judged unethical should be challenged. A rule may be unethical when it has an inadequate moral basis or causes recognizable harm. A computing professional should consider challenging the rule through existing channels before violating the rule. A computing professional who decides to violate a rule because it is unethical, or for any other reason, must consider potential consequences and accept responsibility for that action..

Scene 5 (10m 14s)

Ethical: Cancer Research. Cancer research is something that will take years upon years of study and it will not be easy. Providing funding can allow for scientists to often get extra materials or tools to help in what they need in order to make a breakthrough in this field. Under 1.1 this will follow by actively contributing to society by gaining a good sum of money to be sent for cancer study treatment. As of ACM rule1.1, Tony the Pirate can be considered ethical due to the money made through internet traffic will be sent to cancer study treatment..

Scene 6 (12m 0s)

Ethical: Bloated Subscription Service. An ongoing monopoly exists in today's market when it comes to TV and Movies subscription services. When looking for a specific movie, one service might have it while another may not. This could lead to spending a lot of money per month just to get through on finding what you want to watch. Pirating torrents of movies can allow you save money and act as a form of response towards the monopolistic subscription services. As of ACM rule 1.1, the efforts of providing torrents can allow meeting social needs and become broadly accessible by allowing people to pick the movies they want..

Scene 7 (15m 42s)

Unethical: The loss of sales. Torrenting movies and allowing free distribution is in fact a violation towards several laws and can even be granted punishment due to the fact that it can costs businesses money by costing subscription sales. It is considered theft and in the eyes of the law and it can be agreed it is unethical. As of ACM rule 2.3, this form of action would be considered a violation due to it breaking national laws and can cause recognizable harm..

Scene 8 (18m 28s)

Conclusion. Overall I find that Tony can be considered ethical due to the fact the way he’s making money can be used for a greater good. While it is unethical by causing businesses their money and can be considered breaking laws, the amount of loss of sales wouldn’t compare to what those same business would make monthly. Tony can find a better alternative to make money by offering a form of advertisement campaign or even allow a sort of online posting to a forum that could gather people to come together to donate for the cancer study treatment..