Who is SB19?

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Who is SB19?

why are you such a fan of them? They’re Korean wannabe

Oh let me introduce to you sb19 and why im one of their fans

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•SB19 is a five-member Filipino boy band who debuted in 2018 and consists of Josh, Pablo, Stell , Ken, and Justin. •They were trained for three years by ShowBT Philippines, beginning 2016. •They are the first Filipino act and first Southeast Asian act to have been nominated for a Billboard award after being named as one of the finalists in the 2021 Billboard Music Awards' Top Social Artist category, as well as being the first Filipino group in Billboard's Next Big Sound chart as well as the first Southeast Asian act to enter the top 10 of Billboard Social 50 weekly and year-end charts.SB19 promotes its music as part of Pinoy pop (P-pop) a popular sub-genre of Original Pilipino Music.

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Pablo Nase

-Changed his stage name from Sejun to Pablo, which is derived from his real name “Paulo”. -His hometown is Imus, Cavite, Philippines. –Has a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines(PUP). -His hobbies are playing online games, and reading. -He never wanted to be in a boy group before. -His fans also call him as “Ate Chona ” because of his sassy attitude. -Pablo is the main composer and writer of their songs. -He worked as a call center agent while he was in college. -He was a data analyst in a real estate company before he joined the group. –He trained for the longest among the other members. –He admires G-Dragon a lot. –His Filipino music inspiration is Loonie and Gloc-9. -Before he joined SB19, he was a part of a cover group “PHP“.

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Ken suson

– He was raised in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines – Ken studied Architecture at the Technological Institute of the Philippines. – His admirers has its own home called Poultry – Admitted that he is not very Flexible. – He plays Sepak Takraw (kick-volleyball) varsity as a striker. – He likes to watch Anime. – His Favorite animal is a Cat. – His music inspiration is Daniel Caesar, IV of Spades and Al James. – Unlike other members, he was raised by his grandparents. – Ken has a pet cat named ‘Kuro’ (male) – Ken was a hip-hop dancer and choreographer before discovering K-pop – He became a member of K-pop dance cover groups and met Josh and Stell through Se-Eon. – Ken has a Weird Iconic Laugh. – He prefers to be quiet during an interview not because he does not care but because he is afraid if he will say something, he likes to be careful of what will come out to his mouth. – For Ken, Travelling to Manila was the biggest struggle – Ken has an account in PUBG. – He has the deepest Voice among all the members.

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Justin De Dios

– His hometown is Malabon, Philippines. – He finished his college degree (AB Multimedia Arts) with honors in 2018. – He’s selling his artworks for the turtles in his Instagram art Account ( sining.jah ). – He’s a fan of Pokemon . – Justin is Left Handed. – Justin has 1 Older brother whose a Vlogger – Justin was still a student when he was picked to be a trainee; – He underwent training while working to finish his thesis and graduate on time. – Justin is the Youngest of their family – He has his own Youtube channel (Jah De Dios). – Justin likes to say some corny jokes. – He is known for his gummy smile. – He knew Josh from another dance group they were both in, and found out about ShowBT’s audition while attending their dance workshop. – He Train and Study at the same time. -He’s is also part of some School project films. – His Music inspiration is Michael Pangilinan and GOT7.

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Stell Vester Ajero

– His hometown is Las Piñas City, Philippines. – Education: Hotel and Restaurant Management (STI College) – While in college, Stell worked as a fast food crew member – Stell is the main choreographer in the Group – He was so overworked that he nearly developed acute pulmonary edema once; – He loves cooking – Stell’s current favorite animal is Dogs and Hamsters – He is a member of a choir church; and he is the only Male Soprano – He and Josh used to be in a dancer cover group called ‘SE-EON’ and they won 7 competitions. – Stell takes his skincare seriously – He loves toys; he has a stuffed monkey named “ Tokki ” and a stuffed banana named “ Nanaque ” – His music inspiration is VIXX. – His Filipino music inspiration is Jed Madela and Morissette Amon. – Stell has 2 dogs before named Xavier and Potpot – Stell’s Motto in life: “Be your own reason to smile”

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Josh Cullen Santos

– His hometown is Pasig City, Philippines – Education: Didn’t take college, but took an acceleration test for a high school diploma. – Josh dropped out of school in Grade 3 as his single mom could no longer afford to send him and his sister to school. – He loves playing video games. – Josh once had a Job in a Computer shop – He looks younger than his actual age. – Josh’s favorite animal is a Lion. – Josh is afraid of spiders. – He worked as a computer technician and a call center agent. – His music inspiration are G-Dragon, BTS, Loonie , Gloc-9, Shanti Dope and Smugglaz . – When he was 13, his family was evicted from their home by barangay authorities after they were unable to pay rent – He left his home at 16. Sleeping on the floor of his friends’ houses – Josh won the first place in Dance Dance Revolution Regionals before. – He was the Sexiest Man in the Philippines in 2020. – Josh is afraid at the open seas. ( Jeju On The Beat pt. 3 – Sejun Cooking Show + Last day at Jeju ) – Josh snores so loudly the other members can’t sleep. – He would like to share his story in the future, when they are really successful. – He has his own Facebook gaming page “Josh Cullen”.

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Songs: Tilaluha (2018) Go up(2019) Alab Love Goes Wag mong ikunoot ang iyong noo What And there upcoming song ( Mapa )

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they've been bashed because of their kpop wanna be attitude even their clothes,hair,moves,songs etc. they want to give up until stell tells his member to make their last song which is "Go Up"in July 19, 2019 they didn't expect that their last song will became their fresh start.They became Well known and start gaining more fans in philippines and international. Now they've been nominated in Billboard Music Awards