Picture Comic Strip

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Scene 1 (0s)

Picture Comic Strip

Presentation By Pearl Kaur

Scene 2 (7s)


Scene 4 (24s)

Hi I am Pearl I need some grapes can you both get for me

Yes I will get for you as tortoise is very slow

What do you mean by that as I also can run fast

So lets have a race then we will come to know who is fast

Alright Lets have it

Scene 5 (52s)

Ok My Monkey toto will Judge you

Fine you can be the judge

Fine you can be the judge

Scene 6 (1m 6s)


The race started Toto said ready steady go Lets see what happened next

Scene 7 (1m 16s)


The race began and rabbit was fast and the totoise was slow The rabbit was on the first place

Scene 8 (1m 27s)


The Hare was so fast that he came far from tortoise and he said i am far from tortoise so I should take 5 minutes rest and then I will finish then the tortoise came and he saw that rabbit was sleeping So slowly he from there .

Scene 9 (1m 44s)

When the rabbit woke up he saw that the tortoise is going to win the race he ran faster and faster but the tortoise won the race