Private Sector Participation in Decarbonizing Transport

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Private Sector Participation in Decarbonizing Transport.

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About PIA Why decarbonize Transport ? Electric Mobility E-Buses EV Charging Stations Hydrogen Mobility.

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Paris Infrastructure Advisory.

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Water with solid fill. Water. Renewable Energy with solid fill.

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Technical Financial Legal Economics. Our Capabilities.

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Geography. Map Description automatically generated.

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Developers. Our Clients. Investors. Operators. Development Finance Institutions.

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We are proud of the trust placed in us by our Clients.

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Paris Infrastructure Advisory. Market design and regulatory.

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Why decarbonize transport ?.

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Transport is a large contributor to CO2 emissions.

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Chart, line chart Description automatically generated.

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A multiplicity of solutions are under implementation.

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Electric mobility.

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Source : IEA - Prospects for electric vehicle deployment.

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Electric Mobility requires preparation and long-term investments.

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E-Buses emit less CO2 than diesel or natural gas buses, even when electricity is produced through diesel engines.

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19. E-Buses are more widely developed in OECD countries.

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Examples of e-bus schemes. 20. Eindhoven, Netherlands. 10-year e-mobility Concession contract (ending in 2026) Transdev Subsidiary “BRAVO”.

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Economics of e-buses. 21. Mercedes-Benz Citaro wiki | TheReaderWiki.

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Fuel Costs are lower : Diesel vs Electricity. 22.

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CAPEX and Maintenance Costs are higher. 23. Capex Cost 0.36 0.8 Maintenance Cost 6.5000000000000002E-2 5.106666666666667E-2 Other Costs 8.0733333333333338E-2 3.1733333333333336E-2.

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Total costs are higher for E-buses in MENA Region.

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EV charging stations.

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26. EV charging is a fast-growing service. Source: Clairitech – end of 2021.

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27. Attracting a growing number of operators. ChargePoint Branding Assets | ChargePoint.

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28. Preparing Your Garage for an Electric Car - Top Evergreen Real Estate Agents.

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Recharging in corporate offices, parking lots of malls and supermarkets, etc..

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30. Charging service for C&I offered by ESCos. Why Businesses Should Invest in EV Charging Stations Now.

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31. Some examples. Carrefour type 3+euro - Épernay : charging station in Épernay.

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32. Business model : C&I. Why Are So Many C-store Chains Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers? | Convenience Store News.

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33. Charging service in city centers, offered by public transport operators.

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34. Business Models for city centers with proven demand.

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35. Business Models for city centers where EV charging is proposed to increase attractiveness of the city.

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Hydrogen mobility.

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About green hydrogen. The 4th Generation - Life Cycle Emissions of Hydrogen: Part II.

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High carbon hydrogen production. Low carbon hydrogen production.

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39. Green hydrogen production is particularly attractive in MENA.

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Green hydrogen ambitions in MENA. 40. NEOM Logo Vector (.AI) Free Download.

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41. World's first hydrogen-powered boat leaves Europe.

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250 Mm3 of water required annually to switch all of MENA’s vehicules to hydrogen That is 0.2% of Lake Nasser (Egypt) water storage volume.

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Pilot projects of green hydrogen for transport (1/2).

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Pilot projects of green hydrogen for transport (2/2).

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Hydrogen mobility is expected to reach cost effectiveness in the near to medium term.

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