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Personal Presentation

Mayflor A. Sumbad

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[Audio] Good morning Ma'am Jessie and classmate. My name is Mayflor Sumbad, 35 years old from Liwan East, Rizal, Kalinga.


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[Audio] A mother of 3 naughty but loving children. My first child is 14 years old, the second born is 4 and the third one is 2. So please bear with me Ma'am if my background is noisy if we have class discussion because of my 2 little kiddos. I am the one working for my family.




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[Audio] I graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education at KASC on April 2008. I continued my Master's Degree in the same school and finished in 2014. In the same year, I got the job as permanent teacher after 5 long years as volunteer teacher. I currently teach at Liwan East Elementary School, Liwan East, Rizal, Kalinga as Teacher 3 and handling Grade 3 class.



Scene 5 (1m 21s)

[Audio] I decided to continue my studies in PhD for my family and for my professional growth. As they always say, education is continuous. As we continue studying, we continue learning and these learnings will help us as we grow professionally.




Scene 6 (1m 39s)

[Audio] And practically speaking, we can use this in our promotions of course. :) I pursue this for my family especially that i am the one working for them. In order to provide their needs, I have to help also myself to go to higher position.




Scene 7 (1m 58s)

[Audio] I expect that this course help me understand more my environment. This will teach me on how to deal with my environment especially the people around me in such a way that I wont hurt anybody's feelings. I know that my classmates and my professor are understanding, so please bear with me. I already met my professor since she's my mentor also before and I know that she's thoughtful, considerate and beasutiful as well. KASC/ KSU is my Alma Mater so I know that they will provide everything to address the needs of their students.


Scene 8 (2m 34s)

[Audio] Psychology is the study of someone's feelings, thought and behaviour. It is in connection of how other people influence other's feelings, thoughts, behaviour and environment.




Scene 9 (3m 5s)

[Audio] Thank you and have a nice day!

Thank you and have a nice day!