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[Audio] The 1st Perspective of Jail Plan 2040 which is the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The strategic objective is to optimize logistical and financial resources..

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[Audio] Data on logistical capability fill up rate, with the formula of actual divided by ideal to get the fill up rate percentage. With the average data of 52.26[break]% This jail unit is finding ways to fill up all the necessary requirements through coordination with stakeholders and other entities..

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[Audio] Here is the breakdown of equipage maintained and repaired. Under the Equipage is composed of Facility, Firearms, Vehicle, Office Equipment and ICT Supplies..

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[Audio] Resource Management Budget Utilization Impact on Infrastructure Projects You can see here the data on impact of security and development. As you can see on chart the improvements and impact on this jail unit. From the month of April to June you can see the percentage of congestion rate present which is 100% and the impact is 50%..

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[Audio] The second Perspective is Learning and Growth.

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[Audio] You can see in this data the personnel breakdown by rank from the lowest rank to the higher rank. The data compose of Male which is consist of 18 and 9 Female personnel. A total of 27 personnel in this jail unit. In the right corner you can see the data of Jail Population which is 123 PDL, Ideal personnel 96 and Actual Personnel 27..

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[Audio] Here is the date on technical Personnel per Profession, Data of Deployment of Technical Personnel in related Designations and the Data on Deployment of technical Personnel in not related Designations..

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[Audio] Here is the Data on health and wellness intervention for personnel that availed a 100% health and Wellness Services. Next is the Covid19 Status for Personnel which is a 100% vaccinated and availed the Vaccination Seal..

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[Audio] Here is the Data on Drug-Testing for Personnel. 100% of the total number of personnel underwent Random Testing and all yielded Negative results. Next is the data on Number of personnel who underwent career course 24 personnel underwent Jail Basic Recruit Course 2 Jail Junior Leadership Course 1 Jail Senior Leadership Course 1 Jail Officer Basic Course.

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[Audio] Here are the number of personnel who are due for mandatory Trainings.

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[Audio] Here is the Safety Seal Certificate that affirms that an establishment is compliant with the minimum public health standards set by the government and uses or integrates its contact tracing with stay.ph. Next is the Data on awards With BJMP Commendation Medals for Personnel from the our Regional Director, Jail Chief Superintendent Clint Russel A Tangeres, Commendation Letter from Jail Superintendebt Arnold A. Buenacosa former Regional Derictor of this Jail Bureau and 2 medals from Provincial Administrator of Iloilo Jail Chief Inspector Kate Beltran..

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[Audio] Here is the total number of Personnel Inspection who from Regional Office Staff, Provincial Jail Administrator and Jail Warden. A total of 9 inspection Conducted. Next is the implementation of MC 111 the Revised Organizational Structure of this Jail Unit.

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[Audio] Ease of doing business initiatives are the following conducted by this jail unit. The implementation of Memorandum Circular and Standard Operating Procedure that were fully implemented within the Area of Responsibility. The Data on ICT-Driven Efficiency in Jail Operations and the Personnel Data Base..

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[Audio] The 3rd Perspective of Jail Plan 2040 is Process Excellence,.

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[Audio] Here is the custodial Service Efficiency werein this jail unit has maintained with Zero escape incident for the quarter. Next is the Data on Jail Congestion Rate which is 100% congestion rate as of June..

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[Audio] Here is the breakdown Security Inspection. Conducted by the Regional Office Staff, Provincial Jail Administrator and Jail Warden. With a total of 17 Security Inspection for this quarter. Next is Security and Disaster Preparedness Efficiency and the data on implementation of Dry-run, Oplanand Standard operating procedure. A total of 8 Dry-run and Oplan conducted for this quarter..

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[Audio] Human Rights Affairs and Data on Escort Services Efficiency. The PDL escorted by personnel for Court hearings, Burial of PDL and Commitment to PIF. A total of 4 PDL Escorted for this quarter..

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[Audio] Data on Security Inspection of Custodial Personnel. A total of 182 banging of Grills, 182 Checking of Padlocks and 182times Facility inspection for this quarter. Next is Contraband control Efficiency. Number of Joint Greyhound Operations and Number of Regular Greyhound Operations. A total of 182 Regular operations for this quarter. And 1 Joint operation with law enforcement Agency.

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[Audio] Data on confiscated Contrabands. with a percentage of 4% nuisance contraband found for this quarter..

Scene 22 (8m 56s)

[Audio] Provision of Basic Needs Data on Food Subsistence 123 PDL benefited from food subsistence. Additional Food Subsistence from other source which are the Government and Non-Government Entities. Break down of Subsidies and Support Hygiene kits with the estimated price of 5,200 and Food with the estimated price of 33,700 for this quarter..

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[Audio] Here is the Data on Visitation for PDL. In this quarter 100% of PDL benefited from E-Dalaw, 59.33% from Non-Contact Visitation and 41% PDL with No Visitors..

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[Audio] Provisions on Health Care Here is the data wherein 100% of PDL acquired health care service for this quarter. 100% accomplishment in Medical, Dental and Mental Health Check up. 100% accomplishment in treatment of PDL and Distribution of Medicine.

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[Audio] Data on Drug-Testing of PDL 123 PDL Had undergone a Random Drug Test and all yielded Negative Results Next is Covid19 Status for PDL with the percentage of 100% Vaccination Rate..

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[Audio] Here are the Data on Breakdown of Behavior Development for PDL. We have Spiritual services, Livelihood Services, Educational services, Guidance , Counselling Services, Physical Fitness and Recreational Services and Therapeutic Community and Modality Program. The data composed of the Target, Actual, Variance and Percentage. To get the percentage you have to divide the actual and Target to get the percentage..

Scene 27 (11m 11s)

[Audio] Breakdown of Paralegal Services. Number of PDL Released 1PDL Released on Bail 3 PDL Serve Sentence 4 PDL Dismissed A total of 8 PDL released by Paralegal Service..

Scene 28 (11m 45s)

[Audio] Referral or Assistance Zero data on Help Desk and Number of Refferals for PDL After- Care.

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[Audio] The Last Perspective of Jail Plan 2040 is COMMUNITY. Wherein the strategic objective is to ensure empowered released PDL to promote public safety and security..

Scene 30 (12m 19s)

[Audio] Service Providers Engagement. 1 service provider engagement with Memorandum of Agreement and 6 acrredited service Provider. A Total of 6 service providers..

Scene 31 (12m 42s)

[Audio] Here is the data in Media Management. The Breakdown Activities and Greening Programs conducted for this quarter..

Scene 32 (13m 5s)

[Audio] Re-Offending Data 1st Time Offender 123, 2nd Time Offender Next is support and Subsidies for Administrative and Operations. Health support which is vitamins and Medicine from Local Government Unit estimated price 1,500. Welfare and Development with the estimated price of 33,700 Logistics which are office supplies worth of 40,000 from Local Government Unit. A total of 75,200..

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[Audio] BEST PRACTICES GIVING OF CERTIFICATES TO ALL PARTNER AGENCY The unit personnel of Passi CDJ gave certificates of appreciation to all partner agencies on June 23, 2022. The following agencies are Municipality of Passi, Municipality of Dingle and Municipality of San Enrique. In line with the celebration of 11th Community Relations Service Month. Next is ANTI-DRUG ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN In relation to the 11th CRS Month Celebration, the Passi City District Jail Personnel conducted an Anti-Drug and Anti-Smoking Advocacy lecture within the community of Brgy. Sablogon, Passi City, Iloilo. The Brgy. Health Workers, Brgy. tanod, Brgy. Officials are present during the conduct of the lecture. This activity raised awareness as to the bad effects of using illegal drugs and excessive smoking on our health..

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[Audio] Here are the Significant Accomplishments. This jail unit with the supervision of JSINSP JOEL P LUKEYHON, District Jail Warden, joined the 124th Independence Day Celebration with the Theme: " Kalayaan 2022: Pag-Suong sa Hamon ng Panibagong Bukas ( Rise Towards the Challenge of a New Beginning)". The activity held at Passi City Plaza, together with other bureaus and LGU personnel. This celebration is known by Filipinos as Day of Freedom is an annual national holiday in the Philippines observed every 12th day of June. MAY 9, 2022 NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTION This jail unit with the supervision of duty personnel and Election Board Committee supervised the on-site voting for Eighty-two ( 82) PDL casted their vote on National and Local Election last May 9, 2022. Our brothers behind bars were able to practiced their right of suffrage through this successful activity..

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