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1-5 Years (23-27 yrs. old). csra-news-image-green-buildings-green-occupants-removebg-preview.

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6-10 Years (28-32 yrs. old). house-renovation-cartoon-vector-37581575-removebg-preview.

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11 -15 Years (33-37 yrs. old). house-of-love-vector-1166863-removebg-preview.

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16-20 Years (38-42 yrs. old). images-removebg-preview.

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21-25 Years (43-47 yrs. old). 17-171375_difference-between-cog-and-gear-removebg-preview.

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31-35 Years (53-57 yrs. 0ld). Rocket-DRAWING-_-STEP-10-removebg-preview.

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36-40 Years (58-62 yrs. old). 1_F7jDU-BmuH2Nxc-_mlCftg-removebg-preview.

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41-45 Years (63-67 yrs. old). depositphotos_100638974-stock-illustration-floating-island-extreme-tourism-end-removebg-preview.

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46-50 Years (63-72 yrs. old). seagulls-birds-fly-blue-sky_127675-2484-removebg-preview.

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"Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it." --George Lucas Starting my career plan with a 50-year duration proved to be difficult since the future itself is uncertain. Confidence in my skills also is not in my vocabulary, so knowing that I may not be able to achieve the plan is quite disheartening and dampened my motivation to continue. However, I am aware that it is important to develop a career plan as this will provide me with financial support and self-affirmation over the course of my professional life. Below are my 50-year career plan, divided into ten phases of my future professional and personal life..

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1-5 Years (23-27 years old) Graduate college and start looking for a job preferably connected with my course BSBA-FM. I plan to enter a small company to gain experience first and later on apply to a much larger corporation when I have honed my skills and qualified enough to compete with other outstanding applicants. I am unsure whether I will be able to find a job upon graduating, but when I have to enter a work not connected with what I graduated from, then I’ll have to manage as this will mark the start of achieving my financial independence. 6-10 Years (28-32 years old) Get Financially fit by getting a promotion. With this in mind, I will strive to work independently and make myself a valuable employee to the company. In addition, I will make every effort to prove that I deserve a promotion more than my colleagues. Following this, also plan to start saving in this phase to renovate our parent’s house and live frugally as much as needed. 11-15 Years (33-37 years old) Join in volunteer programs to establish my presence and build trust with my employer. Such programs will be helpful to give my employees the knowledge that I am ethical and responsible enough in helping to develop a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at work . I n this phase, I also plan on committing myself to a relationship (if I ever meet someone at that). 16-20 Years (38-42 years old) Get advanced certification. To advance my career at the company, I have to transition to a new role by furthering my education. This means that I need to have a candid and open look at my skills and seek areas of improvement. The first on my list is to attend webinar classes and the second is to take executive leadership management programs. I will be considering enrolling in a university to obtain a master's degree but this will be the least of my option considering the time and effort that I need to pour into it. Furthermore, I am unsure whether I even have the extra time to attend my classes especially when my workplace is one of those who slave employees to take overtime. 21-25 Years (43-47 years old) Give my career regular maintenance which means that I need to create more definition and reduce the need for troubleshooting when I try to climb up from my position. And one way to achieve this is through job rotation, which means that I would be able to evaluate my adaptability to a new environment and supervisor and learn new skills that were not introduced with my first job. With this, I can also gain or even broaden my skill sets as I will be exposed to different functional areas of the company. Moreover, this would prepare me for when I get a promotion. There would be no need for excessive training from my predecessor that I will be taking over from and I would be able to adjust to the new responsibility more quickly..

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26-30 Years (48-52 years old) Considering the seniority and experience that I have gained through my years of practice, serving as a mentor or taking a consultative role would be valuable for me. Not only would I be able to reap some rewards (and some good karma) but I would also be able to teach the younger ones the tricks of the trade. I may even gain myself a devoted mentee and would be able to teach a future Bill Gate. 31-35 Years (53-57 years old) Start strategizing for my retirement plan. This would ensure that I and my family would be able to live a good standard of living. Furthermore, planning early would safeguard my financial independence and prepare me for some unforeseen events such as medical expenses considering that I will be at the age where diseases usually manifest. Part of the plan would be insurance plans such as life insurance, health insurance, and property insurances that could help ensure that we would be able to live decently even when I lose my job or some circumstances happen. 35-40 Years (58-62 years old) I will start withdrawing slowly from my career by choosing to work part-time. I would be working less to look out for my health. I may also give up some of my responsibilities in the company to pay more attention to my family. Another option would be to work remotely and choose whenever I want to work on any given day. I will also find time to find my passion and work on it. It may be a hobby or a small-scale starting up of a business that may not give profit but at least I can say and look back that I was able to fulfill my happiness. 41-45 Years (63-67 years old) As I’ll be nearing the average life expectancy, I would depart from my career definitely to enjoy my remaining years. My plan would be to get a last glimpse of Japan’s cherry blossom. I would also take this time to rest as much as possible and spend more time with my loved ones. 46-50 Years (68-72 years old) If I am still alive at this age, I will start planning for my funeral, it may be late for some as they start doing so in their 50’s, but since it is considered a bad omen in our culture to plan a funeral when the person is still alive, I will postpone such plan till I reach this age. After doing so, I will be spending my remaining years in relaxation and bond with my family, especially my grandchildren (if I ever have one). I will also eat whatever I want and go wherever as long as my body allows me to and spend my time meaningfully without leaving any regrets..

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To end this with, allow me to give an advice to my future self. Making a map for a career plan is indeed important as it can help us manage the direction of what path to take. It can even help us look back when we go astray, and help us look at the end goal. However, you must not forget that plans are just plans. It is good of course if you can follow what you’ ve written above but, we do not know what the future has for us. Although we have a clear plan laid out in front of us, when some things are not just meant to be, it will not hurt to step back a little and steer away from the original path. Remember also not be too disheartened when those plans did not come to fruition. "Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal; it's the courage to continue that counts." --Mike Ditka.

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Fin.... ROXAN’S 50-year CAREER PLAN. download-removebg-preview.