Fostering an Entrepreneurial mindset

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Fostering an Entrepreneurial mindset. Course Instructor Institution Date.

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[Audio] -The best definition of entrepreneurship is the creation or desire and ability to establish, administer and successfully execute starting up a business venture along with the risks surrounding the business venture. -For one to be an entrepreneur they should have entrepreneurial mindset which is a set of beliefs and skills that enable people to identify and make many opportunities, tackle and overcome setbacks and become successful in a business field, or simply the set of skills that drive entrepreneurial behavior..

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[Audio] One identifiable problem under the topic of health is the abuse of the counter drugs .Statistically ,Most people in the world have abused OTC drugs. overdosing, wrong prescription and street drugs are some of the ways people around the world abuse over the counter drugs . Overdosing means excessive and dangerous use of drugs ,wrong prescription occurs when an inappropriate or different medication dose is given other than what should be given as per medical advise -The abuse of OTC drugs happens to both children and adults. Overdosing and street drugs may lead to chronic disease or even victims' death..

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[Audio] Breaking down the exact problem in the health sector for analysis gives the following : Wrong drugs –These are drugs given against the doctors prescriptions or without preliminary check up . Wrong prescriptions-The incorrect medication dose given other than what is medically appropriate . Street drugs –The commonly abused drugs mostly used on the streets for psychoactive purposes to cause unconsciousness for pleasure or for other casual purposes ..

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[Audio] The possible solutions to the problem abuse of Over the counter drugs include measures such as Use of Technology for Medical advise- Coming up with technological innovations that guard against abuse of OTC Legislation –Passing government laws and policies that fight against abuse of OTC Closing up rogue pharmaceutical businesses Setting up government pharmacy outlets Standardizing drugs –Establishing a mark of quality to the specific and recommended drugs ..

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[Audio] The best solution or alternative among the available options for control of the problem is coming up with The drug approval software that will help curb the problems from the abuse of over-the-counter drugs. The platform will work in way such that the Patients and their guardians can access software with medicine prescriptions and advice at an affordable fee..

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[Audio] The sketch stepwise access to such a software or website /medical platform can be as follows The patient or their guardian can Log in to drug approval software at an affordable fee They will meet Payments for subscription through the same platform attached to a bitcoin account Thereafter , the clients will Confirm the serial numbers of the medicines prescribed. They can further Seek medical advice from the same platform about prescriptions from an online doctor at a fee.

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[Audio] The program must involve approval by the relevant authorities, including the governments. Health organizations. Global health concerns and the medical practitioners with the knowledge about the medical fraternity. The programs undergo the approval channels. The approvals are necessary so as to attain the authentic mark of quality and standards for the safety for use by human beings..

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[Audio] The technological option for a solution is not just a problem solving invention but also an income generating idea that will leverage the authentic medical advise to generate some income through: Charges on the confirmation of the medicine, Clients' subscriptions ,Medical endorsements and medicine advertisements of drugs and Service charges on the medical advice by the online doctor..

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[Audio] In conclusion about idealism in entrepreneurship , Entrepreneurial Mindset is key in offering solutions to available problems in the Health sector .The presentation has shown how entrepreneurship gives upper hand solutions to underlying problems in the society As demonstrated in the presentatiom, there will be reduction in mortality rate from the causes of misuse of over the counter drugs ..