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[Audio] Hello. Welcome to Augies, we are excited to have you join our team. Please enjoy this automated orientation presentation..

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[Audio] Listed on this slide are the topics covered within this presentation. Please take a moment to review them..

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[Audio] Augies mission is to improve the lives of everyone our company touches through excellence in building maintenance. What our mission means to us is that we want our work to leave a positive impact on our clients and their clients for every job we take on..

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[Audio] Values. Augies Building Services core values through which we strive to achieve our mission are abbreviated as shine. Which stands for service, honor, integrity, noble and extra-mile. We strive to demonstrate these values in our work ethic as well as our personal lives. We hope that you will do the same. If your supervisor notices you displaying these values at work, they may give you a shout out. This shout out can lead to a gift card provided by the company as our appreciation towards our employees that demonstrate these values..

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[Audio] History. Augies is a local family owned and operated building maintenance company. Augies Building Services was established in 2007 by the owners, Matthew and Sharon. Their company started operating out of their home by Matt and Sharon putting an add out for their building maintenance services in the newspaper. That add led to their first contract with ABC warehouse. The company has steadily grown since then and continues to grow larger. Augies started out operating with roughly 10 employees and is now operating with roughly 100 employees and has established an office building outside of their home..

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[Audio] Getting to know the worksite binder. We provide worksite binders at all of our buildings. Your supervisor will review this binder with you on your first day of work. This binder contains a supply list of cleaning supplies that you can expect to use at your building, training cards, building specifications, SDS sheets and a copy of the employee manual. This is available for you to review at work anytime..

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[Audio] Policies and procedures. Policies & procedures.

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[Audio] Time off and call-in policy. If you are coming down with a cold or feel that you will be unavailable to work due to other medical reasons (for example, taking care of a sick child) we ask that you provide us with 8 hours notice prior to the start time of your shift. Please contact your supervisor through the clean smarts app. When using the cleansmarts app to call in please provide the following information: your reason for being late or absent, state if the reason is due to a sickness or falls under FMLA or ADA exceptions and when you intend to return to work after an absence. We understand that life happens, and emergencies occur. In the instance that you are unable to give notice due an emergency please contact your supervisor as soon as possible to update them on your situation. You can forward all doctors notes and medical documentation to hr@augies.com to count as an excused absence. Failure to follow the call-in policy procedure makes one occurrence. One occurrence will result in a verbal warning, two occurrences will result in a written notice. If you are requesting time off for an upcoming vacation or event, we ask that you give us two weeks notice. If you have an upcoming doctor's appointment that will cause you to miss work, we ask for two weeks notice as all. However, the more notice the better. This ensures that our supervisors have adequate time in covering your shift. We appreciate your cooperation with these policies. During bad weather always assume your building is open. In the event of a severe weather situation please contact your supervisor regarding if you are expected to report to work or not..

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[Audio] You have been provided with a copy of our drug and alcohol policy. Please review this document prior to your first day of work. Employees are subject to testing based on, but not limited to, as a condition prior to an employment offer, observations of apparent workplace use, possession in the workplace, workplace accidents, random testing etc. Internal Complaint Policy. If you believe anyone is violating any law or any company policy, please let us know immediately. There are multiple options for you to let us know about your concerns: In person, we encourage you to notify your supervisor or anyone from the management team in our office building or anyone in HR, by phone, the HR line is 248 495 7233 and the office line is 248 495 4755, online via email or in writing. Please refer to the employee handbook for the full policy..

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[Audio] Working when customers are present. In most cases, clients are not present when you are expected to clean the building. However, if someone is present in an area you need to clean, first ensure that they are not busy. If they are not occupied proceed to ask if they would like you to clean that area now or to come back later..

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[Audio] Safety and security. We will provide you with a company shirt and I.D badge which should be worn at all times. The pants that you decide to wear to work must be free of rips tears or stains. We would like to present a professional appearance to our clients. If your shirt is ruined for any reason, please let us know and we will provide a replacement. This is also for security purposes, so our clients know that you are there as an Augies Building Services employee. Always keep all outside doors locked while you are in the facility. Never let someone in the facility or through a door that requires a key or keycard. Never bring someone with you to your assigned building that is not an authorized employee. We would never ask you to mix chemicals. We would only ever ask for you to dilute a chemical with water. Please, ensure to always put chemicals in the correctly labeled container. If you come across a chemical without a label, let management know..

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[Audio] Breaks and benefits. For four-hour positions you will be provided with one 15-minute break. For eight-hour positions you will be provided with two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch. You must clock out for breaks exceeding 15 minutes. If you leave the property for any reason, you must clock out. We observe federal holidays as paid time off for pull and part time employees. All part time and full-time employees begin accruing paid time off on their first day of work. However, paid time off will not be available until after 90 days of employment. We also offer a marketplace chaplain that is available to you and your family and is of no cost to you. This is completely confidential. You will receive a flyer with instruction on how to use the marketplace chaplain on your first day of work. We also offer a monthly company newsletter that is directly mailed to your home address. Additionally, we coordinate an annual company picnic..

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[Audio] Standards of conduct. We follow a progressive discipline policy. In most situations a first occurrence will result in a verbal warning, two occurrences will result in a written notice and or suspicion and 3 or more occurrences will result in a final written notice proceeded by termination. All new employees will be on a 90-day probationary period beginning their first day of work. An employee that is still within the probationary period can be let go if they are not meeting the job expectations and requirements. For example, displaying attendance issues, unsatisfactory work performance, poor attitude, refusal of job duties or not following policy, etc. There are occurrences that result in automatic termination which include the following but are not limited to: no call no show, job abandonment which is 3 unexcused absences, discrimination, harassment, misconduct, verbal threats, abuse of call-in policy, using drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace, creating a hostile work environment. Please refer to the employee handbook for further information regarding our termination policy and discipline policy..

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[Audio] Clean smarts. Please download the clean smarts app from your app store. It looks like a green C. From the menu button, which is the three lines in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you can select the listed functions. Messaging allows you to communicate with your co workers and supervisor. Please use the messaging section to send the message "I'm Here" on your first day of work. Please wait in your vehicle for your supervisor or trainer to approach you on your first day of work. This is also where you would message your supervisor if you are unable to report to work or are going to be late. Report an issue from the menu section allows you to post pictures and a description of issues inside your building; such as broken fixtures or vandalized areas. This is also where you can request time off. All requests for time off are subject to approval. We ask that you never press the toggle option to make the issues visible to the customer. Only a supervisor can make an issue visible to the customer. The timesheet section displays all of your hours worked. The checklist has your job tasks for each shift as well as weekly or monthly special tasks, please ensure to check the checklist for every shift. Your schedule will appear in the check in section of the menu. This is also where you will clock in and out for your shift. We use geo fencing so you will have to be in the building's parking lot to check in. Never post in the Do Not Post here board as this is visible to the entire company. This would only be used for shout outs you wanted the entire company to see, such as a happy birthday shout out..

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[Audio] Thank you for watching your orientation video. As a reminder, please bring two forms identification with you on your first night of work. We look forward to seeing you on your first day of work..