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Oral Presentation Cindy Anak Cambee (69393).

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Hello everyone, Welcome to my oral presentation. A person wearing glasses Description automatically generated with low confidence.

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Definition. Inclusion: Inclusion can be associated with students with disabilities with non-disabled students in every aspect of education, from the same classrooms to social activities and support groups alike. It is a practice that has its own jargon, teaching practices, and legal requirements.

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There are several importance of “inclusion” for individuals with and without learning disabilities between are; a) Diverse learners with different talents and difficulties populate inclusive classrooms. Inclusion allows children to discuss how everyone learns differently. They may discover that they have more in common with other children than they previously assumed. This may go a long way toward teaching children that diversity is a natural aspect of life. It can also aid in the formation and maintenance of friendships among children..

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b) Social inclusion has increased self-esteem, positivism, and independence in persons with learning disabilities. Every person's treatment strategy should include encouraging it. Families, friends, carers, and educators may help make life more enjoyable for vulnerable persons in their care. Around 70% of social care employees believe that care packages should be cut due to a lower authority budget. The demand for a community-based, comprehensive approach to assisting persons with learning difficulties has never been greater..

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Thank you.