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Presented By: Sonam Bhatia (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Applications) D.A.V . College,Hoshiarpur

Operating System क्या है? परिभाषा, प्रकार, कार्य, विशेषताएं

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Operating System

Introduction A program that acts as an interface between computer’s user & the computer Hardware First program loaded into the memory Process through which operating system is loaded into the memory is called booting. It manages the operations of computer system,various hardware resources (processors, I /o Devices,Communication devices.) Example: Window 98,Window 2000,NT,Window Vista, Window 7,Window 8,Window 10,UNIX,Macintosh

Scene 3 (2m 6s)

Logical Architecture of a Computer System

Need and Functions of Operating Systems - GeeksforGeeks

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In Fig, Hardware resources such as CPU, memory ,I/O are surrounded by the operating system layer which in turn surrounded by system software (compliers, editor, assemblers etc)& Application Programs(Data processing, education applications etc) Operating system provides the Abstraction Feature Hides the details of hardware resources from the programmer & Provide convenient interface for using computer System As a resource manager Operating System keeps tracks of Who is using resource Grant resource request

Scene 5 (4m 18s)

Functions of Operating System

Process Management Main Memory Management Secondary Storage Management File Management I/O Management Protection & Security Networking

Scene 6 (4m 52s)

Functions of Operating System

Process management (Assignment of processors to different jobs/tasks) Provide mechanism for deadlock handling Create delete both user & System processes Operating System is responsible for suspending, resuming processes

Scene 7 (5m 56s)

Functions of Operating System

Main Memory Management (Memory stores the user programs and instructions for execution) Keep track of which part of memory are being used and also by which process. Operating System is also responsible for allocating , deallocating spaces as needed.

Scene 8 (7m 17s)

Secondary Storage Management Secondary Storage devices stores system programs such as assemblers, compilers, editors Operating system performs following functions: Disk Scheduling Storage allocation Free Space Management

Functions of Operating System