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Teacher: Altantuya Student: Khulan

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Why I chose the nursing profession?

A nurse is specializes in caring for others and has a professional license to do so. Care is very important in everyone's life. Nursing is begins with a mother loving, protecting, and caring for her child. A nurse works to care for and provide emotional support to all who are ill or suffering. That's why I think they are angels . The nursing profession is rich in jobs. It is also a virtuous profession that works to keep our loved ones and others healthy. It can be done anywhere. And one of the advantages of this profession is that we do it for your heart. People think that the doctor’s profession is more important than this profession . But the nurses are the closest to the patient and do everything. There are times when I deal with all kinds of people and sometimes get depressed. However, I chose this profession because they work from the bottom of their hearts for the well-being and health of others and help others the most.

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Thank you all ^_^